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National War College Speech: Part 4 (Q&A 2) by Greg Glassman - CrossFit Journal

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February 01, 2009

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On January 6, 2009, Coach Greg Glassman was invited to give a presentation on CrossFit to over 100 future leaders of our nation’s military from the National War College at the National Defense University’s Baruch Hall. He presented on the same stage where President Bush, Secretary of Defense Bob Gates, and Colin Powell also addressed the students of the National War College. Present in the audience was Lt. Gen. Frances Wilson, President of the National Defense University.

This is the second Question and Answer video from the talk, and the conclusion of the series. In it, Coach Glassman answers a series of questions from the audience. Topics include what qualifies a CrossFit certified trainer, the efficacy of training off the website without a trainer, and the need to determine functional weaknesses prior to engaging in the workouts.

The simple answer to the qualification question is results, as measured by efficacy (what it does), efficiency (the rate of adaptation), and safety (how many are sidelined along the way). Website workouts without a trainer can be highly effective, though rarely optimally so. And finally, a qualified trainer can both diagnose and effectively treat isolated and/or systemic weaknesses through functional movements, so separate assessment tools are not necessary.

17min 11sec (An audio-only version is also available)

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17 Comments on “National War College Speech: Part 4 (Q&A 2)”


wrote …

Our fearless leader.


wrote …

I was loving the John Boyd reference.


wrote …

hey i was just at the emory university gait analysis center during a tour of their facilities for an interview!


wrote …

Amazing. Loved the 4 part mini series!


wrote …

Very subtle but interesting to see: Watch the reaction of the guy in the front row when the Lt. General thanked Coach for his efforts in raising funds for equipment for the military. He looked to his left as if to say ‘did I hear that correctly’. It certainly must be a foreign concept, and one that is tough to get his head around, but yes there is an effort on the part of the citizens (some anyway) of this country to provide equipment for what is considered to be the best equipped military in the world.

Great job Coach!


wrote …

Great video, would be nice if you could put it all together and make it available to us in one uninterrupted piece.
I particularly liked the concept of greatest risk occurring in not doing the movements. Doing something has always proven to be better than doing nothing.


wrote …

Great job coach.

In the "For What Its Worth" category based on what I have seen at Marine Corps facilities across the country the grass roots of the Corps is getting it. Quantifiable, measurable and repeatable results from a program that is effective even when done in your garage, or at a FOB with minimal equipment.

Did NDU offer to open an affiliate?


wrote …

As profoundly well spoken as usual. The example Coach sets for us all is monumental. I can think of no other other program in the world where the individual who created it does so much and asks so little in return. Especially when said program trumps all others by leaps and bounds. Thanks...jb


wrote …

I learn something everytime I hear Coach talk.
I have a new motto, Doing something is better than nothing.


wrote …

Excellent. Loved the part about talking to the Canadian PSP personnel in Ottawa. WHY HASN'T THIS FILTERED DOWN TO THE (PSP) PEOPLE ON THE GROUND??!! /rant.

I can also attest to just using the website to teach yourself. It's possible, but you won't get the best results. Right now I'm doing a combination of affiliate workouts and PT on my own at the base gym.

I also enjoyed the bit about the fitness program fitting a job spec. This is one of the reasons I hear (and that I imagine I will continue to hear) from techs and analysts that they don't need to be that fit. Along with the morale, camaraderie, decreased health care costs, I would add less time lost from work. The workouts are much quicker and much more effective, and this is what hooked me initially.


wrote …

it's always awesome to sit down and watch the video's of coach talking about what ever the subject maybe, Crossfit and it's method's help me do my job and especially during PT it isn't a hard slog no matter what they throw down at PT, i have got it covered, but when i go to CrossfitNQ's box for a WOD, it's a different story. May have hit the WOD before but hitting hard and trying to maintain good form with the intensity to aim for a PB on it, that a whole different story...

If only i could get my work place to adopt Crossfit into the PT sessions..... looks like it is time for me to do a course thru work that allows me to take the PT sessions....then look at doing a cert.


wrote …

These videos were awesome! I love how Coach had an answer for everything even after being asked about injuries 10 different times! Great stuff!!


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amazing,amazing,amazing truly one of the best speeches ever given on physical potential and for it to be directed to such figures just shows how good crossfit is, what other physical program even came close to changing how the strongest army prepares it self for battle


wrote …

Professor Glassman...


wrote …

I am not sure some of them will ever get it. It might have to be a bottoms up, generational transformation. Where was Crossfit when I was trying to get up off the ground with a 100+ Lb ruck at 10.000 ft in Afghanistan. We worked out hard to be fit, but I now know we could have been far more fit! Now that I am also in the Police world, I must say the same for cops, they could be so much more fit!!! I for one will preach the good news to anyone who will listen. Spread the word coach!


wrote …

great stuff. saw this a bit ago but forgot how good it was..


wrote …

These videos are absolute gems.

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