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February 11, 2009

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Sevan Mattosian caught with Coach Glassman at the CrossFit Level 1 certification seminar at CrossFit Pittsburgh on November 17, 2007.

This is Sevan’s first interview of Coach. They cover Coach’s youth in Southern California, and how his academic and athletic experiences shaped his perspective on fitness. For example, he was a competitive gymnast but didn’t have year access to a facility. The resulting time spent lifting weights and riding bikes gave him capacities his gymnast friends did not have.

They also cover why he ended up in Santa Cruz, and how he went from being a trainer to a gym owner.

8min 3sec

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15 Comments on “Sevan’s First Interview of Coach 1”


Daniel Schmieding wrote …

That was fantastic.

Those few times I've met (and re-met) Coach, I'd had questions and no balls or awareness to ask them.

Thank you.

I can relate with your lack of year-round gymnastics apparatus availability, but I made the mistake of following the trend of body building movements in my garage. It did not work wonders for my gymnastics, and I quickly abandoned it until later exposure to track and field.

Did you deadlift/squat? Or did you keep it to weighted movements mimicking gymnastics?


Cody Limbaugh wrote …

I would love to see more of this interview if it exists. I hope Coach writes a book someday.
I'm looking forward to meeting the man and the leader of such an awesome community!


wrote …

I agree with Cody, I wanna see the rest of the interview.


wrote …

Gotta love the Coach, getting to know a little about his past just makes him that much more interesting.

As for the Hummer they are standing in front of? I'd be more impressed if they could send the same message to people with a Smart Car or a Prius.


Joe Stephens wrote …

Coach i had now idea i seem to be doing exactly what you have already done in your youth, i have opened my gym one year ago and i will never look back. now looking for a bigger box to help more people based in north dorset, england.
really wish you had some certs in th uk?


wrote …

I agree with Joe, it would be great to see more certs here in the UK!!! We have lots of budding crossfitters over here!


wrote …

As a chronological peer (born 1958), I can so relate to the plastic, cement-filled weight set at 13 or 14 years old. I played football (through college at Princeton), and then powerlifted in grad school. But I never felt "grounded" in any of the weight sports, as they seemd too one-dimensional. Crossfit has taken the essence of true sports conditioning, ALL sports conditioning, and made it into a science for the masses. The only requirement is a commitment to work hard. Well done, Coach Glassman.


wrote …

Been a runner and exerciser my whole life, Coach Glassman is the greatest innovater that I've witnessed. Great interview. Jim Rooks, MD CrossFit No Limits, Steilacoom, WA


replied to comment from Daniel Schmieding

I love this guy!


wrote …

Great interview! Can't wait to see the rest of it.


wrote …

I love listening to Coach speak.getting to know the origins of Crossfit from the horses mouth is great.i'm envious of the people who actually got to train with Coach and watch this thing grow from it's infancy.

CrossFit USA


wrote …

I can't get the Quicktime video to play, and I don't think WMV is an option for me.

Suggestions, anyone?


replied to comment from Carl Close

Yeah, I'm having the same problem. The MOV won't load.


replied to comment from Justin McMillan

Carl and Justin, for some reason the movie is not playing while buffering. It is loading though (at least it does for me). My recommendation is to download the video to your hard drive and then view it. Or, be patient. Once the entire video has buffered, it'll start to play.


wrote …

Thanks, Tony. The video started playing after I allowed it a while to finish loading.

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