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Sevan’s First Interview of Coach 2 by Greg Glassman - CrossFit Journal

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February 16, 2009

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Sevan Mattosian caught with Coach Glassman at the CrossFit Level 1 certification seminar at CrossFit Pittsburgh on November 17, 2007.

This is Sevan’s first interview of Coach. In this second of two parts, Coach gets more philosophical on topics like tools of the trade (dumbbells), trainer success (commitment and enthusiasm), affiliate success (having more affiliates around you), and getting new clients.

Coach also talks about the transference effect of success in the physical realm to improvements in the mental and emotional realms.

8min 59sec

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9 Comments on “Sevan’s First Interview of Coach 2”


wrote …

Interesting thoughts on the relationship of population density vs. affiliate density. I wish I had one closer. I think my Globo wishes I had one closer, too.


wrote …

Early in my CF career I noticed something rather strange, and Coach touches upon it in this video. In the midst of a crushing financial disaster I simply went about the business of my daily life. Confronted with the intense, episodic stress inherent in my profession, I simply went about the business of my daily life. I approached each challenge calmly, the adrenaline rush blunted, and simply did what needed to get done.

With the exception of a marked INCREASE in the background level of stress there was nothing different in my life--except Crossfit.

I am convinced that my experience is a run-of-the-mill example of what Coach called "transference" in Sevan's interview. By purposefully and repeatedly and willingly putting myself under immense stress in the MP WOD's I not only trained my physical ability to withstand the physical rigors of the WOD, but I also trained my neuro-endocrine response to that stress. It took (takes) much more to invoke an uncontrolled or uncontrollable stress response after learning to withstand the intensity of a Crossfit WOD that was repeatedly encountered.

I believe this effect is real, and that it is reproducible.



wrote …

As far as I can remember, I have not seen a commitment to Crossfit NOT have the transference effect.

Strange to think that Coach Glassman was in a globo gym only 6-7 years ago, and now Crossfit's the leader of the anti-Globogym revolution.


wrote …

I found the dumbbell comments interesting. Coach emphasized their value but I rarely see dumbbells as part of a WOD. Has the thinking changed, what has apparently caused the kettlebell to become the weapon of choice?


wrote …

Due to the lack of equipment in my garage gym, I train my athletes with my only olympic bar as well as with dumbells. Same exercises, bench, deadlift, cleans, presses, etc... I feel that my athletes are better equiped to tackle their sport than the athletes who stick to just the bar. The added stress of lifting, balancing, setting, hoisting, chambering, then racking the dumbells with each independent limb is challenging. An athlete can do a 225# bar bench but may only be capable of doing a 170# (85# each) db bench because of the above stated reasons as well as one side possiblybeing weaker, unstable or just not being able to complete a deeper range of motion.

I agree that the dumbell should have a greater roll in daily training.

Maybe we just discovered the Crossfit Games strategy.


replied to comment from Richard Edwards

Yes, I agree with everything you say, and certainly that has been my experience in lifting too, so I still wonder about the absence of dumbbells in the WODs. And yes, maybe they will show up at the Games, that's an interesting thought.


wrote …

I recall Coach mentioning at a cert down here last year that he loves dumbbells, and also the Air Dyne. Both are pretty much absent in main page programming but present at many affiliates. We use the Air Dyne and have dumbbells, but don't use them a lot. I believe the main page program sticks more to the basics as far as external loads go, ie Barbells. It keeps it simple.

He also mentioned at our cert (as he does in the vid) he is lacking a champion of the dumbbell as he has in many of the other areas in Rip, Coach Burgener, Tucker, BMack and Jeff Martone.


Ian Carver wrote …

Coach Rut from Kansas City is a big proponent of the Dumbbell in his programming for it's wide variety of uses and very technical aspects in implementation with WOD's of different types. I have found the DB to make a great tool that makes many of my client's WODs harder and compliments their abilities on a barbell. You may be able to bang out 95 Lb barbell thrusters easily, but put two 45 or 50 Lb DB's in hand and it's a completely different ball game for a number of reasons.

As for the comment about CrossFit being a tremendous resource for women in more ways than just fitness, I could not agree more. I see the best responses, psychologically and physiologically, from my female clients as their level of commitment and desire often seems to be stronger than the men. CrossFit has empowered women to being on an equal playing field with men in the fitness world and thereby creates incredible confidence, mental fortitude, and phsyical skill and health. It's an awesome thing to see!


wrote …

Crossfit has a very specific goal of improving the power output of the human body over broad time. It's program by design always tries to push this level upward with each and every WOD. The predominance of barbells as opposed to dumbbells in the WODS has to do with our ability to produce more horsepower with a bar than with a pair of dumbbells. The statement above about not being able to move as much weight with the dumbbells is exactly the point. We use a bar to maximize output which will carryover to lower output activities like DB work.

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