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The Boz & Todd Experience — Episode 2, Part 4 by Todd Widman - CrossFit Journal

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February 05, 2009

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This is Part 4 of the second episode of the Boz and Todd Experience. Boz and Todd, with special guest Chris Spealler, conducted four training sessions at Front Range CrossFit. Except for scheduling the athletes, these sessions were unplanned. They met with the athletes for the first time that night, interviewed them about their strengths and weaknesses, and took them through a training session and workout. Real world training with several of Front Range CrossFit’s regular clients.

In this video, Todd Widman coaches the group through a workout of heavy (max) push jerks (split jerk not permitted). The group starts light with a few warm-up sets before a few working sets of 5, 3 and finally 1s. Todd balances technical coaching with motivation as every athlete there set a PR that evening at either one or three reps (or both).

This is the same workout as in the previous part (both were coaching simultaneously). If you compare Todd’s coaching in Part 4 with Boz’s coaching in Part 3, you see good results being achieved with very different styles.

Adrian Bozman, Todd Widman and Chris Spealler are three of CrossFit’s top trainers. They spend a significant portion of their time traveling around the country working the CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 certification seminars.

13min 24sec

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5 Comments on “The Boz & Todd Experience — Episode 2, Part 4”


wrote …

As a fitness coach I love to watch the way that they go about coaching people and saying the correct cues to get people to do exactly what they need to do to be better at any movement. Great stuff and i can't wait until the next one


wrote …

That was 10 minutes of telling me all the little details I am missing on these shoulder presses. Great timing for today's WOD, can't wait to get to the gym and try some self correcting.


wrote …

Todd, when you demonstrate the big breath to get everything set, you look a lot like Denis Leary. Just thought I'd share.

Excellent video. I, too, will keep all this in mind for today's WOD. Last time I did this one I fatigued during the jerks, and the weight went down. Not this time.


wrote …

Does anyone know the name of the song used at the beginning of the video? Sounds like a great workout song.


wrote …

Awsome coaching here. i wish i had checked this video out before the pushjerk wod a few days ago. looking forward to using this stuff next time!

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