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February 26, 2009

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Jeff Tucker is the Coach for the CrossFit Gymnastics Cert. He and his team recently traveled to Sydney Australia with Andrew Cattermole of CrossFit Sydney.

This video from the CrossFit Again Faster crew is an introduction to the seminar. Tucker talks about how the seminar came about and what it was like taking it to Sydney.

He explains that the purpose is not to make gymnasts or gymnastics coaches out of the participants. Instead, they cover how to perform and coach fundamental strength, balance, and tumbling movements.

Gymnastics from a CrossFit perspective is competency in controlling your own body in three dimensional space. Like the Olympic lifts, they are worthy of a lifetime of study.

6min 50sec

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10 Comments on “The Gymnastics Cert Down Under”


Darren Coughlan wrote …

nice video!

Andrew from CrossFit Sydney was the host.

Steve and Mick are hosting the one on the 7th&8th march '09


wrote …

Well that's embarrassing. Perth's dropped the ball and we're struggling for numbers! 11 registered at last count. So much for my guarantee : (

Anyway, great vid Tucker. I'd thoroughly recommend the Gymnastics Cert to anyone.

See you in a couple of weeks mate.


wrote …

Ya made me homesick mate! From meeting you at the Science Cert in Texas and inviting us back to GSX for a workout and spending 2 hours helping us learn mechanics of the Planch and Handstand in your own time for no charge,it is clear to me mate that you are just a downright legend.
When is the earliest I can have ya come to my place at CrossFit Performance in CT?


Cody Limbaugh wrote …

That was a real 'feel good' video. I already wanted to take the cert, now I want to go to a back yard BBQ with Tucker and freinds. Just seems like an all around good guy. God bless Texas!
Looking forward to meeting you.
Also- kudos to the video production. It is amazing to see the quality of the video productions on here. Great job guys, we really appriciate it. -'gag reel' at the end made me laugh too!


wrote …

Run, don't walk to your nearest gymnastics cert or adult class. You won't regret it!


wrote …


Good stuff. I am really looking forward to the cert in Newport Beach (March 09).


wrote …

Looks like a great Cert, glad I will be there for the CFX one!


wrote …

The Crossfit community is stuffed full of really cool people, but Tucker seems like one of the coolest. I've gotta meet that guy.


wrote …

Great video, that cert was a fantastic weekend. I cant recommend attending this course enough, Tucker is one of the most genuinuely inspirational people I have met.


wrote …

I just want to send a shout out to Patrick from AgainFaster.Com and Jon Gilso for letting us take him down under and torture him! Lawd knows he did not have much to work with as a subject matter! BUT some how, Patrick made us all look good! The guy is a damn good film maker!

I also wish to thank you for the very kind comments on the forum, emails, and in the journal articles. I really am very lucky and humbled to get to meet folks like you in our wonderful community. I hope I can live up to the image being spoken too ;) I also hope it is of genuine service to you.

Sydney was a very special time for all of us as coaches, and guests in that wonderful country. Im here yet again to attend two certs - one in CFX and another in Perth the Cell. I just have to pinch myself on the arm - what a great community we have here and what wonderful folks we have in it.

Best Regards ALL!


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