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The Level 2 Cert: A Simulated Test 2 - The Evaluation by Sevan Matossian - CrossFit Journal

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February 03, 2009

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On Day 1 of the CrossFit Level 2 certification seminars, participants instruct each other in the 9 fundamental movements (squat, front squat, overhead squat, press, push press, push jerk, deadlift, sumodeadlift highpull, and clean) that are the core of the Level 1 seminar. Day 2 is a test of participants’ ability to instruct.

In this video, Andy Stumpf is evaluated on his performance in teaching the squat. This is a simulated test, and Andy is evaluated on exactly the same criteria the participants will see. Does he have the mechanics correct? Can he see if the participants are moving well, and if not, can he correct them efficiently? Does he command the group well?

Part 1 was the test. Part 2 is the evaluation.

This footage was captured at CrossFit One World.

16min 3sec

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wrote …

I love these level 2 vids that go into more depth. They really give a great taste of what's required for the evaluation.


wrote …

I'm not getting any sound on the video, anyone else having this problem?


wrote …

I have to give credit to Frank Morel on the boards, but the more I watch videos about teaching the movements, the more I get visions back to learning and teaching foot drill.

This is not rocket science by any means, just a method to follow. I'm sure someone with more experience could add to this, but a basic drill lesson goes as follows:

1. Instructor forms group so that everyone can see the instructor. The instructor performs the drill movement and tells all students that this is the standard they must achieve (the instructor, in this case, is never at fault)

2. The movement is then broken into phases

3. The following steps are iterative
a. Phase X is demonstrated and described
b. Students are instructed to perform phase X on command of the instructor. This is repeated as necessary.
c. Students are instructed to practice phase X on their own time. Instructor moves around and corrects
d. Students then perform phase X together again.

4. The full movement is then practiced in the collective/individual/collective manner

(this ensures that even a simple movement such as remove head dress takes about 40min :) )

I've used this technique the couple of times I've gotten to run PT, and I've found it's pretty effective. It gives the trainees a chance to try the movement at their own pace rather than worrying about keeping up with everyone else, and gives the instructor a chance to move around and correct faults.


wrote …

in the last few months more and more videos have no sound for me. My operating system and quicktime are as updated as they can be but looks like new computer will be needed


wrote …

Excellent video.
As someone who is having to learn crossfit from the site, this type of video is invaluable.
The breakdown of the movement and the points to make really have helped me.
Thank you.


wrote …

While having been only a test subject for the second day of the Level Two Cert in Virginia Beach, Virginia on Tuesday and waited afterwards with the expectant candidates for their results, I found these two videos very real and immediate. Adrian B. and Nichole C. as trainers-of-trainers have a hell of a lot to offer us as teachers/role models and clearly whether one comes away with a feedback sheet and a level two certificate or just the feedback sheet in hand at the end of the two days the aspiring level 2 trainer will have learned much from their two days with these top instructors, their co-instructors and with the other candidates.

These videos are very true to the experience, capturing the essence of the certification process and hinting at the dedication of these master trainers who travel extensively to raise the standard of CrossFit for our global community. Much as we exhort our athletes to "fight for it", pushing themselves to a higher standard of accuracy in the functional movements, these master trainers exhort the level two trainer candidates to a higher standard.

Nichole Carroll recommended on the main site a few months back that aspirants to Level Two Certification first attend a Level Two as a test subject (as well as attend multiple Level One Certs and the CrossFit Kids Cert, watch the videos, read the journal and spend at least a half year training) prior to signing up as a candidate. I found, even without the added anxiety over making the grade, the experience deeply inspirational in my quest to become a better CrossFitter. A month from now, I'll be at the CrossFit Kids Cert in Huntington Beach, California.

BTW: Having attended my second Level One Cert within six months, I am finding those two days of training to now be even better at shaping us to be superior teachers of CrossFit. If it has been a while since you've been to your Level One Cert you might want to give serious thought to revisiting one.


wrote …

Adrian, thank you! Valuable resource, in addition to your welcome advice given to me in your email!


wrote …

For anyone already signed up for the Level 2 or considering doing so; these videos are exactly how it goes. It would do you well to be very familiar with these criteria as well as the info sent in your study packet. As an aside, know your movement progressions when you walk in the door. It's money in the bank.

Rob Wilson

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