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CrossFit Radio Episode 39 090302 by Neil Anderson - CrossFit Journal

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March 03, 2009

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This is the 39th episode of CrossFit Radio, which aired at 6pm PST on March 2nd, 2009.

0:00 Intro
1:50 Gillian Mounsey
50:00 Neil and JJ wax nostalgic as they found CrossFit one year ago

Gillian talks about her background, the early days of gymnastics and cross-country running, and her entry into weight training. She also covers her training and diet secrets (including ice cream and peanut butter).

1hr 1min 28sec

The next show will be Wednesday, March 4th, 2009 at 6pm PST. The interview will be Todd Widman.

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5 Comments on “CrossFit Radio Episode 39 090302”


Ned Ferguson wrote …

38 - Martone ... 39 Mouncey? What happened to the show with Chris Spealler? :(

Crossfit Radio show-skipping bastards.


wrote …

Thats exactly what I have been trying to figure out, I have been checkin the journal 20 times a day to see if the show with Speal has been put up.


Recording issues again; I asked about it on the CFR blog and JJ got back to me.
Real pity, I was looking forward to Spealler's stuff.


wrote …

I really wanted to hear from Spealler. As a short, light weight CrossFitter, he is my inspiration for where I can take this since I'm in the same boat stature wise.


wrote …

Really enjoyed the interview w/ Gillian. Awesome insights, and so genuine. I am so looking forward to the games in July.

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