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March 15, 2009

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This is the 44th episode of CrossFit Radio, which aired at 6pm PDT on March 13th, 2009.

0:00 Intro
6:00 Gayle Jordan
55:00 Comment of the week
57:15 What JJ learned from OPT

Gayle Jordan joined the show for the first follow-up since coming on the show as a newbie one month ago. You may remember that the last time she was on she made some pretty lofty goals for herself. She stated that in one month’s time, she would be able to do 21 kipping pull-ups; she would demo a perfect OH squat and do a sub 9 min Fran. Just to put that into perspective for you, at the time, she could only perform 1 pull-up, she had no OH squat, and her Fran time was over 14 min.

She has now lost 70lbs. She talks about her progress on these goals, and made some more lofty goals for our next chat to take place in one month’s time.

1hr 2min 58sec

The next show will be Monday, March 16th, 2009 at 6pm PDT.

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13 Comments on “CrossFit Radio Episode 44 090313”


Jeremy Stecker wrote …

Dude, for some reason my Itunes stopped getting Crossfit Radio from episode 41 on... did someone stop uploading it?



If you don't physically listen to the podcasts in iTunes (i.e.: you upload them to your MP3 player and THEN listen to them, iTunes tries to be "intelligent" and stops downloading them until you tell it to start again. To get it to start back up, just click any one of the episodes to play it in iTunes - also, do this periodically to ensure it from stopping the downloads again - this should get it to start uploading again. You may need to click "Get All" for it to download the older episodes.


I cross-posted this to the CFR site, but I just wanted to make sure you saw it. Read this post on Robb Wolf's Blog about diet and carpal tunnel.

Great job with all of your achievements, keep it up!!!

- Alex


wrote …


what jeremy means is, the podcast has vanished from the itunes store altogether. i'm assuming it has something to do with trying to separate the radio podcasts from the journal audio podcasts. hopefully it will kick back up again soon. downloading the m4a from the crossfit journal site is fine, but on your iPod it's classified as a music file and not a podcast.



wrote …

Hi Guys
Love all the shows
I have been trying to find the video of K VS FRAN that You talked about on the show
But can not find it
Could You help Me
Keep up the great work


replied to comment from Gene Read

Hey Gene :o)

It's Christy vs Fran by Primal Fitness and the link is (w/f safe)

Take Care!
gayle in VA


replied to comment from Alex Europa

Thanks Alex!!

I got this from it... "Everyone knows Carpal Tunnel is an overwork orthopedic issue, right? Well, no. It’s an inflammatory issue and the surgery prescribed to fix it does little good. A Low carb diet and fish oil (a low inflammation diet) fix the problem completely."

So can someone help on the "low inflammation diet" part??

Thanks again Alex!!!
gayle in VA


wrote …

What happened to the blog? Every time I try going to the site, it redirects me here.


wrote …

Gayle - Dr Sears' (Zone Diet) latest book is:

The Anti-Inflammation Zone: Reversing the Silent Epidemic That's Destroying Our Health by Dr. Barry Sears, Ph.D.

I don't know if this is any differant from his previous books, but it might be worth the read. I just looked it up on and they have used copies for as little as $6.50, or you can get it new from or Amazon for $17.99.



wrote …

For those looking for CFR in iTunes:

It looks like Journal/HQ has split the RSS feeds for the Journal audio files and CFR.

The Journal audio segments (ie: Midline stabilization) are in the old feed, and CFR now has its own dedicated RSS feed at:

Because there is a new feed, you will have to re-subscribe via iTunes.

Just open up iTunes, then copy the URL above, and in the menu bar at the top, click Advanced|Subscribe to Podcast and paste in the URL. You've now subscribed to the new dedicated CFR feed!

I was able to download the last three episodes from iTunes this morning!


wrote …

Man, avoid the doc that tells you can only do shots and surgery!!!

I had really bad carpal tunnel in both hands when I was 21. It was so bad I couldn't hold a pen to write my name. Here's exactly what I did:

1. found a new profession. I was doing electrical work pulling wires all day with my hands in awkward position all day long.

2. Stopped drinking coffee and caffeine drinks. That stuff will effect your blood pressure and cause swelling, which will increase the symptoms of CTS.

3. STOPPED pulling my hands back and down to stretch. This aggravated the problem.

4. Drank tinctures of meadow sweet and white willow to decrease pain and swelling. This helped thing heal and helped me sleep since I wasn't waking up with pain.

5. massages on my forearm muscles from someone other then me.

6. Become mindful of extreme angles on your wrist, always. ..When driving, sleeping, etc.

7. Chiropractic care. This did wonders in general for me... your mileage may vary. ...I am not a doctor or chiropractor.

8. Drink lots ....and lots of water.

9. Wore wrist braces for about 4 weeks and slept with them for about 6.

...That was 13 years ago. No surgery and no shots, ever. I have very minor symptoms occasionally but it's ALWAYS preceded by to much caffeine and not enough water.

Hope This Helps!
Jeremy Brooks


wrote …

this was the first time I watched video over radio :)


wrote …

LOL Petr... It was my 1st also :o)


wrote …


thanks. that worked.


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