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The Jawbreaker by Kyle Maynard - CrossFit Journal

The Jawbreaker

By Kyle Maynard

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On February 12-13, 2008, a CrossFit HQ staff went to Alamo CrossFit in San Antonio, TX for a special Level 1 certification seminar. Members of the Warrior Transition Battalion from the Brooke Army Medical Center gathered to learn the basics of functional movement and how to scale for any starting point.

In this video from CrossFit Again Faster, Kyle Maynard from No Excuses Athletics CrossFit demos some wrestling and MMA tactics that he uses when he fights. What’s especially impressive about this is that Kyle is a congenital amputee, which means he was born with no elbows or knees.

Kyle demonstrates these moves against Jon Gilson. And while no one would confuse Jon for a UFC fighter, Kyle is able to effectively demo takedowns, chokes, and an armbar against Jon, a guy substantially taller and heavier than he.

The video culminates with a move called the Jawbreaker. If you’re into this kind of thing, turn up the volume to hear the sounds Jon makes when experiencing the Jawbreaker.

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10 Comments on “The Jawbreaker”


wrote …



wrote …

I will never ever EVER feel sorry for this guy.
And i'm sorry that i did.


Zach Miller wrote …

He is going to kick some ass at that MMA fight.


wrote …

I'm really curious to see how the MMA fight is going to work


wrote …

I went to his rival highschool in the same home town and always heard stories about him. I got the pleasure of meeting Kyle a couple of months ago at his affiliate, but I havent been able to go back since im at school. I wish him good luck in his fight and in his affiliate


wrote …

How cool is that?? Well done getting your affiliate off the ground, I can see it will be a success as you look like an excellent teacher in this video. I am certain you will go from strength to strength :)and go kick some arse in your fight Kyle!


Russell Benedetto wrote …

Kyle Maynard: I hope I have the opportunity to meet this man one day; he is an inspiration to all and a true warrior


wrote …

Kyle, we're lucky to have you to learn with. Thank you - warrior, teacher, leader - for what you are doing for our Wounded Warriors. Paul


wrote …

Kyle, great videos! I had to go back and watch your Level 1 Cert clips, since I missed those the first time. Congrats on opening your affiliate, and good luck with your first MMA fight. I love the look on Jon's face, right after you say, "'s called the Jawbreaker." ROFL!


wrote …

Kyle, you are the man.
The best example of doing anything if you have the heart.

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