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March 15, 2009

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Midline stabilization is essential for effective functional movement. Kelly Starrett, of San Francisco CrossFit, explains the essential anatomy and physiology of it in this excerpt from his one day seminar at CrossFit Santa Cruz on November 9, 2008.

The midline is the entire spine, and its stability is dependent not just on the core, but also on all the prime movers of the body, including the hip, glutes, and hamstrings. Excessive tightness in any of the prime movers will affect the core muscles, often resulting in low back pain.

In this part 9, Kelly works the quads, which are also a two joint muscle, and must be treated from both ends (knee and hip). Short quads are associated with both patella and hip issues. He shows a few tools to assess quads length, and how to do PNF for the quads.

This is the ninth of a series from Kelly on the theory and practice of stabilizing the midline in functional movement.

8min 20sec

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17 Comments on “Midline Stabilization Part 9: Quads Assessment ”


wrote …

Kelly is the man. I love this stuff.


wrote …

Awesome stuff. I'd still love to see how to stretch your quads by yourself.


replied to comment from Aaron Alcock

Try Kelly's blog post on using the couch for the quads (WFS)


wrote …

He is so, he makes great sound effects!


wrote …

kelly's stuff is great keep em coming.


wrote …

I need my own personal Kelly to stretch me out daily. I have major flexability issues and I will be implimentling these PNF techniques daily and just generally stretching more. I'm 23 and should not have back issues, but I'm thinking in my case that this problem is due to no flexablity in my hams and quads. Thanks Kelly!


wrote …

love this series. thanks Brent for the link to stretch my quads myself, i felt a bit let down when the video ended without him demonstrating that.

he's a fun speaker with great information, thanks for sharing!


wrote …

Great series. Unfortunately everytime I attempt to stretch my quad or actually just bend my knee to end range (i.e. when Kelly has his "helper" laying on her stomach and hes facilitating that quad) I get a massive cramp in my hamstring. Normal? or is there something I can do to fix this?


wrote …

This is probably my favorite series on CFJ. It sort of makes me consider pursuing a Physical Therapy degree


wrote …

Is that a cert i would love to attend that in person. seems like the info from kelly is so absorbable. i just made that word up keep kelly coming.


wrote …

Kelly, please keep this stuff coming. It's not only fascinating but well thought out and presented. Great work!


Adam Kayce wrote …

This is an amazing series, really. I've known about PNF and many of these techniques for some time, but K-Star's enthusiasm, humor, and obviously extensive experience is bringing it together in a way that really speaks to me, not to mention tying it all in brilliantly with better CrossFit performance.

And yes, thanks for that quad stretch link... and, I'm hoping he speaks about it in the next video (hint hint).


Erin Davidson wrote …

Agreed with all of the above. I am loving this series and learning SO MUCH! Thanks! And when will he be doing another workshop like this one?


wrote …

I have read about related material repeatedly over the years: (Thomas Test, reciprocal inhibition, shortened vs lengtheened muscles..etc) in physical therapy books with there dense vocabularies and primitive pictures. How nice it is to see this stuff in action presented accessibly and within the context extreme performance. Very well done Kelley


wrote …


Awesome series bro, really great info in all of your material that you are putting into the journal. A question for you, lets say that I am an "A" concerning your quad assessment test, but I still have patello femoral pain...any ideas on where to go from there? I know that is a really deep question and maybe your future material will shed some light onto those issues but this is starting to become chronic.

Again, you are a great intelligent speaker! Keep up the good work!



wrote …

Awesome ! Thanks a lot.


wrote …

One of the best things about crossfit is the quality information explained in an understandable way by quality committed individuals, Kudos' to Kelly and crossfit.keep it coming.
cheers Nick.

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