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March 22, 2009

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CrossFit Live was Dave Young’s version of CrossFit Radio from 2005 and 2006. This is the 10th episode from January 8th, 2006. In this episode, Dave interviews Jamila Bey, Greg Glassman and Lynne Pitts.

Jamila is the new associate producer of CrossFit Live. She talks about her background as a stand up comedian, trainer, and journalist, and how she found CrossFit.

Greg Glassman (pictured with Saul Jimenez) talks about the highlights of 2005, including the huge growth to 45 affiliates. He also discusses the New York Times article from Dec 22, 2005. Lynne Pitts talks about her goals for 2006, before they take questions from callers.

Dave produced 16 CrossFit Live shows, and they will be rolled out gradually over the next few months.

Episode 10 - 1hr 46min 20sec

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4 Comments on “The Archives: CrossFit Live — Episode 10”


wrote …

MP3 doesn't download. Comes up with a "Not Found" page.


Ron Wilhelm wrote …

Thanks. Fixed.


replied to comment from Ron Wilhelm

Is there a way you guys at Crossfit can push out the archive to the I-Tune Podcast, I'm unable to download. Thanks in advance.


wrote …

Great show, like a radio time capsule. Hey Lynne & Coach G, did anything come of the community you talked about creating at the end? If so, where can I sign up?

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