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The Road to the 09 Games — Chuck 2 by Chuck Carswell - CrossFit Journal

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March 11, 2009

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Chuck Carswell is a presenter and head trainer for the traveling HQ seminar team for Level 1 and Level 2 certifications. He’s also an amazing athlete. He played cornerback for the University of Georgia from ’87 - ’91, and was on the development squad for the Miami Dolphins.

Chuck is 39 years old, 5'10", 197lbs. He’s married with two kids. He knows how to Overhead Squat. And as this video discusses, he is gearing up for the Dirty South Regional Qualifiers, where the competition is going to be very fierce.

The CrossFit Again Faster crew caught up with him in San Antonio, TX at Alamo CrossFit on February 14-15, 2009.

In this part 2, we see more of Chuck, both as an athlete and trainer. He helps one seminar participant get his first muscle-up.

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17 Comments on “The Road to the 09 Games — Chuck 2”


wrote …

Drew Thompson said it best......"we are fortunate to have him around".

I cannot overstate what a great dude Chuck is. I'm honored to train with him, work with him and have him as a friend.

Wish you nothing but the best, bro.


wrote …

I was at that Level I cert in San Antonio where Chuck was a trainer and I can attest to his strengths, not only as an athlete, but as a top notch teacher as well. When he presented on Programming, he was clear, concise and knowledgeable about the subject matter. I walked away with a much clearer understanding of how to program for the crossfit classes. During one of the practical sessions, he was manning the muscle up. I am not even remotely close to getting a muscle up, but after leaving his station, not only did I think I could teach it more effectively, but I actually thought I might be able to do one. (Well, not really...but he was that good!) He was an asset to the well rounded HQ team...approachable, motivating, and just a great all around guy!! I'll be rooting for you at the games!!!


wrote …

hell ya good luck at the games chuck


wrote …

This video obviously says many great things for Chuck Carswell. But, I'd like to know why we haven't seen this Andrew Thompson fellow in any other vids?


wrote …

Ryan check exercises and demos for more from Andrew Thompson.


Russell Benedetto wrote …

Chuck seems to have a great connection with people and I enjoy watching his story... Good luck at the Quals


Ned Ferguson wrote …

Those OH squats are impressive. That takes some serious strength.


wrote …

Looking forward to part 3.


wrote …

Chuck, you are the man! I like the way Andrew put it. I look forward to working with you any time I can. Paul


wrote …

I can quantify what he's got.....LEADERSHIP.


wrote …

That is awesome!


wrote …

Chuck you are without doubt a amazing inspiration to the community we learn lots from the vids, keep them coming, i think you should film what you are eating like Pat does it would be very very interesting i love to study what people eat when they perform at a level as you and Pat do as well as all the other MONSTER'S



wrote …

I had Chuck as one of my trainers this past summer at GSX. First I had ever seen of him but I knew it wouldn't be the last. I knew he would blow up and get known. He is an exceptional trainer and I probably learned the most from him. Great guy and really knows how to relate with you and teach you in a manner of understanding. My dream goal would to be a HQ trainer and travel with these guys and especially Chuck to make me that much better of a Crossfitter, trainer and a person... Keep it up!!!


wrote …

I was at the level 1 cert in Toronto this past Jan. and met Chuck for the frist time. He is truly a great trainer I learned alot from him and all the team the was there. I look forward to meeting with you again in the future at other crossfit certs.
Wish you all the best at the games


wrote …

I had the honor of receiving Chuck's Level 1 cert training in Virginia Beach, VA a couple weeks ago (April 18, 19) and I must say that he's BEYOND IMPRESSIVE!!! He also trained my daughter and my son. Thank you Chuck, from our entire family! We wish you the best of luck in ALL YOUR ENDEAVORS!


wrote …

Go DAWGS !!!


wrote …

Chuck did our level 1 in london. Amazing people skills, although the fearsome honey badger question was a little easy for Africans!

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