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The Road to the 09 Games — Chuck 1 by Chuck Carswell - CrossFit Journal

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March 03, 2009

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Chuck Carswell is a presenter and head trainer for the traveling HQ seminar team for Level 1 and Level 2 certifications. He’s also an amazing athlete. He played cornerback for the University of Georgia from ’87 - ’91, and was on the development squad for the Miami Dolphins.

Chuck is 39 years old, 5'10", 197lbs. He’s married with two kids. He knows how to Overhead Squat. And as this video discusses, he is gearing up for the Dirty South Regional Qualifiers, where the competition is going to be very fierce.

The CrossFit Again Faster crew caught up with him in San Antonio, TX at Alamo CrossFit on February 14-15, 2009. This is the first of two parts in which he talks about his background and his first experiences with CrossFit. Major Andrew Thompson, USMC, of CrossFit Quantico, and another of the CrossFit HQ seminar team, shares his insights into the Carswell.

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23 Comments on “The Road to the 09 Games — Chuck 1”


wrote …

I had the pleasure of meeting Chuck back in October at CrossFit South Brooklyn's Level 1 Certification workshop and he truly is a knowledgeable, humble, and all around cool person. I wish him the best of luck on his road to the CrossFit games and will be rooting for him. And on a side note, there's no way in the world I would've guessed he was 39. I thought he was in his late 20's like me.


wrote …

What an inspiration for some of us 'older' guys who dig Crossfit. Hope to do this well into my 'retirement' years...


wrote …

Like Andrew said, everyone in the room at that cert knew who the firebreather was. Chuck is a beast and will surely do the dirty south proud. Go Dawgs!


wrote …

Congratulations,Chuck, you do not look your age. Best of luck at the qualifiers!


wrote …

I met him at the Lexington KY cert in Jan 09. Chuck is a great trainer and a class act.


replied to comment from Erik Johnson

Chuck, way to represent 'bro! I won't be in "The Dirty South", but will be backing you in spirit.


wrote …

Sweet video


wrote …

cool video and best of luck!
Always love seeing videos of these guys and girls, very inspiring!


wrote …

I met Chuck at my level 1 in Decatur. My partner and I pulled up late Friday night, after hours to Sonz. Chuck was the only one there, putting some gear together. It was late and he welcomed us in without hesitation. That is an example of the kind of guy he is. Best of luck Chuck. Get em!


wrote …

Chuck was a trainer at my L2 cert in Virginia Beach this year. He's and excellent trainer and an all around cool dude. Good luck!


wrote …

Chuck, who's body did they stick your head onto? You were not looking that good at my December cert. in Charlotte.


wrote …

Great video. Looking forward to seeing Chuck qualify!


wrote …

Chuck, you are an inspiration. Keep up the hard work.


wrote …

As one of the founding Fathers of Guardian CrossFit, we hope you kick some ass! Best of luck,


wrote …

I met Chuck at my Level 1 Cert at GSX Fort Worth. Extremely nice guy. Had no idea he was almost 40, big surprise. I would love to compete in the Dirty South qualifiers, but knowing Chuck is going to be there I may just go as a spectator so I can watch him compete without the pressure of figuring out how in the hell I am going to try to keep up with him :)


Daniel Martin wrote …

Great coach, great athlete.
You got it!


wrote …

Chuck! Way to represent brother. You're looking beastly man. Work on those OHS though. . . .hahaha! :-)


wrote …

Funny, Chuck was a cornerback at Georgia! I was a D III Cornerback. Yeah...not a lick of difference between me and Chuck. Nope. Same build. Absolutely.


Nice intro. Hope I get a chance to meet you in Aromas.



wrote …

Good to see you getting some props man, will c u at the Dirty.


Kelley Rakow wrote …

Chuck's a great guy, a great trainer, and a great athlete. Go get it done, Chuck!


wrote …

Chuck Carswell....

One of my favorite people on the planet.
An all around class act and stellar dude.
Best of luck, bro.

(and he's the most powerful human being alive)


wrote …

Met Chuck at my Level 1 Cert at Crossfit BGI, awesome guy, wealth of knowledge, I am lucky to have met him.


wrote …

Met Chuck at my Level 1 Cert at Crossfit BGI, awesome guy, wealth of knowledge, I am lucky to have met him.

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