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March 25, 2009

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Jocelyn Secondi is the co-owner of CrossFit Milford with Jason Leydon. They are getting married on September 18, 2009, but her next big event is the Northeast Regional Qualifier for the 2009 CrossFit Games.

Jocelyn did gymnastics, swimming, cheerleading, and track in high school, but nothing competitive after that. She worked out regularly though, and got into CrossFit when Jason did, which was May 08.

Jocelyn saw some of the women in her gym competing and preparing for the Games, and she got the bug. One of their clients, Lauren Plumey (videos coming soon) competes regularly against Heather Keenan.

Jason is coaching Jocelyn and using many of the CrossFit Endurance workouts and drills. Jocelyn is naturally strong so the Endurance work helps round out her capabilities.

6min 29sec

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32 Comments on “The Road to the 09 Games — Jocelyn”


wrote …

Nice work Jocelyn... Looks like you're making great gains... I want my girl Leah to see this video too-she just found Crossfit a couple of months ago, and is still going to compete in the Dirty South Qualifier with me on April 25th and 26th. The progress you're making is motivational to me, as Im sure it will be for her. Good push.
Brandon, Crossfit NE Georgia


wrote …

WOH, is that the water bottle we mailed back to you after your level 1 cert? If it was thats awesome.


Brian Thurmond wrote …

sudafed, afrin or maybe some entex. That should clear up any post nasal drip that may be going on. All of it is over the counter.


Glenn Siegrist wrote …

Asking myself why I spent $25 to watch YouTube fashion vids.


Gerard Mcauliffe wrote …

Glenn, go and read every article and watch every video on this journal and then ask yourself if your $25 was well spent. Until that time i suggest you reserve judgement.


wrote …

I second that!


wrote …

Glenn, the purpose was to show that people that you don't need to be all into blood, sweat and tears to be a CrossFitter. You can still go out CrossFit balls to the wall, love it, live it and breathe it but have a more feminine side to the sport. Try not to be so closed minded to the different faces of CrossFit! We all are one community.


wrote …

Actually, Glenn, I agree with you. I've been a bit disappointed with the move from decent quality articles to less well-thought out videos. Bring back the great articles!


wrote …

no doubt, this journal has got some amazing content. yeh this was a lil fluffy, content might not b up to usual stardard in terms of usefullness. but its a tall order convincing some women that they can still be women and do this stuff, so I wouldn't b too disparaging. personally I recon the old videos of the girls at santa cruz did a better job if thats the goal though.


wrote …

Last time we talked to Jay and Jocelyn we expressed that we want more CrossFit minded women in our gym - I think this video will definitely help show some women who are curious but on the fence that there's more to CrossFit than puking and torn bloody hands. - Great Job guys - Keep representin CT and Milford (my hometown!)

CrossFit Stamford


wrote …

My wife has been watching me Crossfit for one year and now wants in.
This video is evidence that she will not turn into an over musculed beast.


I have read and watched I would guess 80% of the journal; so I have something to compare it to. Compared to a large majority of the content on the Journal this adds up to eye candy video. So I will just have to live with a little candy from time to time as the rest of the content is Awesome!!


It's not about the Sweat you say? Hmmm thanks for making my point clear.


wrote …

Dude, she busts her tail each day and goes as hard as anybody else. Does she have the desire to have blistered hands and meet the puke, but she loves to CrossFit and is one of the better coaches that I have seen.. The video looks at different training strategies in preparing for the games, hers being the CrossFit Endurance approach to put up good numbers at the qualifiers. Eye Candy... you just are not getting the point of the video.


wrote …

I am a girlie girl crossfitter. I joined Crossfit in January. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself, I would have never achieved what I have thus far without Crossfit. To date I have lost 23lbs and dropped 5 sizes. I applaud Jocelyn and all the women of Milford Crossfit for all their efforts, it has truly empowered me to do and be better. Frankly, it is insulting to call this a video of eye candy. We - the "girlie girls" of Crossfit kick ass.


wrote …

I think it's important to get the word out to women that Crossfit will not make you "bulky." Women are so afraid of looking "big" even it's pure muscle. I'm a prime example of a full-time Crossfitter (going on 2 years now!) who is small, 5'5" 120#. The Crossfit facility I train at is shared with a fitness center that has classes (pilates, kickboxing, spinning, yoga, etc.). I can't tell you how many times I've had women approach me and refuse to believe that all I do is Crossfit. "You must be a runner." "What do you do for cardio?" "I tried Crossfit for a couple weeks and I got bulky. It's not for me." The most recent one made me LMAO "I can only do Crossfit workouts once per week because I'll get too big otherwise." Ridiculous! Don't knock the main site for trying to reach out to women. Siegrist - you are one of the reasons women won't attempt Crossfit, because they don't want to be laughed at or gawked at. You need to change your attitude.


wrote …

I, personally, love Jocelyn's honesty in this video. I know Jocelyn very well, and even though this isn't a totally accurate description of the type of athlete she is, I think the "girly-girl" (that mere phrase makes my skin crawl) mentality is something we all (including a lot of the dudes out there!) either start out with or, occasionally, fall in and out of...truth is, we're just not all willing to admit to it. I used to be one of those CrossFitters who'd knock women that would show up for workouts with make-up on, "well thought-out" gear, blah blah blah. NOW, I figure WTF? If you can look good AND kick some good ass? What more could you ask for, right? You're beautiful, Jocelyn...AND, you're an incredible role model for so many women. You're just one MORE chick I've gotta' worry about up in Albany in May :)


wrote …

I read the comments first before watching the video and I expected something completely different from what I saw. Based on the negative comments, I honestly expected to see video of Jocelyn in a dress, holding a designer purse, in a boutique somewhere in Connecticut joking about what to buy for a workout.

Now that I've seen it, I don't understand how this video is any different from the other "Road to the Games" profiles. In this one, we get a short bio, see how Jocelyn's path is more CFE-focused, and we see Jason running her through some POSE running drills.

I even picked up a few POSE pointers in watching Jason coach Jocelyn, just like I picked up a few pointers in another Road to the Games video when Coach B worked on the clean with Tanya Wagner.

The beauty of CrossFit is that it's inclusive and doesn't just cater to one kind of person. What appeals to a man doesn't necessarily appeal to a woman. When I'm trying to "sell" CrossFit to someone, my approach varies person to person. If I just preach the Gospel of Mr. Pukie, I know that I'm going to put a lot of people off--people who could benefit greatly from CrossFit. Sometimes it's a harder sell, sometimes it's a softer sell.


wrote …

I just paid for my second year of the Journal and am very pleased with the new direction the Journal has taken.

@those who don't like the new format:
I looked through February and saw several old style articles:

-Don't muddle in the middle
-Training 2 Miles to Run 100
-The Straight-Talk Strength Express
-All (Mistakenly) Bow to Fran
-Getting an A in CrossFit
-and the 2 best of crossfits

The interview with coach and his definition of wellness that couldn't have been better in a 'flat' format. I also fail to see how I could have understood and applied the information in the midline stabilization series without video.

The human interest stories may not be for everyone. I really enjoy them. They enhance the feeling of community, especially for those of us who don't/can't go to a crossfit affiliate. I learn things from them to. I picked up something about POSE running in today's video. Additionally, there is something new up almost everyday.

@Glenn Siegrist:
Maybe they can refund your 25 and you can get back to your youtube fashion vids.


Brian Thurmond wrote …

Glenn Buddy don't you understand. It's OK to have an opinion, but only if that opinion is upbeat and or supportive. Otherwise it's frowned upon. Are you happy now Glen? People are frowning at you. You have upset them, thrown them off. It’s a travesty what has transpired here. Egos are a very fragile thing. Be wary. Be very careful Glenn, you might be excommunicated.


wrote …

I had the pleasure to do my level one Cert at the same time as Jocelyn in Montclair.A couple of months later I wrote an article for this journal which i stated " woman half my age and half my size do the WOD's in half the time" That was Jocelyn. She was doing Double unders and Burpees. She is a firebreather and a pretty one at that! Good luck Jocelyn!


wrote …

This video is perfect, especially for the time of year. Anything about "The Road to the Games" is definitely needed nowadays. The first thing that came to mind watching this was if I'm working hard enough to ravage judgment day (regional qualifiers).


wrote …

She loves burpees. I did 55 burpees today during which there was only pain.
Does burpeelove correlate strongly to bodyweight?
I wonder if she always loved them or if she just reached that level of fitness where burpees turn from something to fear into something to look forward to. Truly cool.


3,2,1 Have a nice day :)


Russell Benedetto wrote …

I think this was another example of how great the journal is.....Great job Jocelyn and Jason good luck in your quest for the games J. 321 GO!!!!


wrote …

Glen, you were just dazzled by Jocelyn and seemed to miss what Jason was saying about how they were preparing her for the Crossfit Games. They didn't say they were preparing her for a beauty contest. I guess you missed the sweat pouring down Joceyln's face, the excellent running form, the fact that she loves Burpees, uh, her body, which is only eye candy cause she is always at it in the gym. Always there, always working hard. I would venture to say that Jason and Jocelyn maintain an affiliate that would compete among the best out there. The place is ship shape, the classes are packed, they do the WODS textbook (and often add some killer Tabatas in at the end of workouts), they have a great Website with some great writing, and a DEDICATED community. Serious Crossfit women (and men) recognize that Jocelyn is a role model - not fluff. Let's hear more from Jason and Joceyln in the Journal in the future.


wrote …

The effect of and response to change is interesting, isn't it? The CFJ 1.0 was published once a month and contained mostly serious fitness articles. Maybe 5-8 per month. Not a lot of "up close and personal" stuff. Definitely not a lot of variety in authors or subjects. Each article was a significant contribution to the CF canon since there was only room for so few.

CFJ 2.0 has brought us, what, 45 articles so far this March? Literally tons of information. Some of it is very similar to what we have received previously, and even some of that is presented in a very different manner (eg. Rip on video rather than Rip in script). The new format has allowed Coach, Lauren, Tony, and the other editors to dramatically expand the offerings, though. Now we have many more "authors", we meet many more athletes/trainers/personalities (where have you gone, CCTJoey?). It doesn't seem possible to produce 45 articles/month that are the equivalent to the original CFT by Coach and Rip, does it?

Glen points out the difference between this "article" on Jocelyn and most articles in CFJ 1.0, calling this one "eye candy". While I don't really agree (she works harder than I do, and definitely has better hair), I really can see Glen's point. It IS different from CFJ 1.0. But then again, so is Pat Sherwood's series on the Zone quite different from Nicole's "Getting off the Crack" article, which to my mind is more like Melissa Byers' "Zone Gone Bad."

In the end Glen is right and he's wrong. This "article" would not have made it into CFJ 1.0 in all likelihood; we would more likely have seen it on the Main Page or the Affiliates blog. But it is pretty much EXACTLY why we have CFJ 2.0 IMO. We are now getting a greater depth of understanding about CF from these newer style articles IN ADDITION to the knowledge we continue to gain from the more traditional articles. How can that be bad?

Did I mention that she has better hair than I?


I would like to thank Darrell for explaining what I failed to express on my initial comment. And I would also retract the phrase "Eye Candy" as well. The comment was not meant to be taken as a personal attack against Ms. Jocelyn or any woman participating in CrossFit. As a matter of fact it was the ladies in the video "Nasty Girls" that proved to me that I was a sissy boy and had a lot of hard work in front of me if I wanted to consider myself an athlete in any form or fashion.

I still stand by my opinion that the video should not have made it to the CFJ as to me it just looks like anybody doing a WOD. No need to sell CrossFit to someone paying for the CFJ. I do agree that the video would be a good recruiting tool to show woman who are on the fence about joining a CF gym or convince them they should take up the CF life style.

As for one of the comments that said "Glenn you are the reason woman don't want to get into CrossFit" I do take exception to this if there is one thing you wont catch me doing is talking to a woman while looking at her tits, rubber necking or trying to strike up some lame ass conversation to score a ph. number, but with that said my peripheral vision is exceptional :)

For the record: Ms. Jocelyn performs Double-Unders better than I do and yes she has pretty hair!

3,2,1 Get Some!!


wrote …

can anyone tell me what the Crossfit Endurance Program is and where I can get it ?

Zola CF Vancouver


wrote …

oops never mind . Found the link :)


replied to comment from Glenn Siegrist

Touche, Greg! While others may still disagree you have made a valid observation and shared an equally valid opinion.

Well played.



wrote …

I find it interesting that their using the opposite approach of those using CFSB, MEBB, or Hybrid programs but still making large strides with workout times.

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