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Jeff Tucker is the Coach for the CrossFit Gymnastics Cert. He and his team recently traveled to Sydney Australia with Andrew Cattermole of CrossFit Sydney.

This video from the CrossFit Again Faster crew is the third part of this series. Tucker talks about how GSX, his affiliate, came about. GSX is a blend of gymnastics and cheerleading instruction, and now with a full blown CrossFit box.

In the beginning, Tucker and Jason and two others ran the entire thing every day. Over time, they have successfully grown and brought in enough quality people that the gym runs on schedule while Tucker and Jason are in Sydney.

Gymnastics from a CrossFit perspective is competency in controlling your own body in three dimensional space. Like the Olympic lifts, they are worthy of a lifetime of study.

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11 Comments on “The Gymnastics Cert Down Under: GSX”


wrote …

Much respect to Tucker and Jason, congrats!


wrote …

Am I the only one having a problem with the video? It refuses to load past about 1:40 in.


wrote …

No problems viewing the video this side (Linux and VLC).

Any chance of getting a peak at those standard operating procedures?


Ned Ferguson wrote …

+1 for seeing the SOP. :)


Jennifer Conlin wrote …

I could listen to Tucker talk all day! His heart for fitness and Crossfit are HUGE! His vision is even bigger! Love ya Bro!
Jen C


wrote …

What a great story at the end of the video!


wrote …

Hey, Great you guys are pushing out the audio to itunes. Any chance you can go the extra half-step on the videos and distributes as a video podcast?


Cody Limbaugh wrote …

Tucker- Thank you so much for sharing that part of your story. I feel like you just described us only on a larger scale.

We opened our private training "studio" 6 months before discovering CF. Now we are in the process of re-fitting it to be a world class gym (in 700 square feet!). Next stop- affiliation.

For months now I've wanted to meet and train with you to soak up some of your knowledge and experience- now it is a MUST!

Thanks for the videos- keep 'em comin'!


Adam Kayce wrote …

Ditto - I love this series. It's great to hear Tucker talk about his perspective, history... all of it.

I knew I wanted to do a gymnastics cert from the beginning, and now I'm itching to do it at GSX, just to see the place where it all started. (Although it'd be sweet to fly down for the next one in Sydney, that's for sure!)


wrote …

Great video especially the ending. Whether it is lifting yourself out the pool, nailing your first muscle up, or running anything over a mile the tangible results from the crossfit program are what make it the best program I've ever been involved with. Not only are the results tangible but the people involved are as well. It is not some gimmicky sell. It is real down and dirty fitness and I love it. I would love to meet Jeff Tucker and could listen to his knowledge on a daily basis. Thanks!


wrote …

I am always very humbled by such comments as these. I am just a regular guy, doing regular things, and loving what we get to do. This CrossFit nation is one of the most wonderful things I have ever been a part of - and I am so very lucky to be a part of this experince.

Once again - much love goes to Jon Gilson from and his camera man (screw that, film maker!) Patrick Cummings for putting this series of awesome film from our Down Under trip...

Much love folks!


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