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The Gymnastics Cert Down Under: Transference by Jeff Tucker - CrossFit Journal

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March 08, 2009

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Jeff Tucker is the Coach for the CrossFit Gymnastics Cert. He and his team recently traveled to Sydney Australia with Andrew Cattermole of CrossFit Sydney.

This video from the CrossFit Again Faster crew is the second part of this series. Tucker talks about the role of gymnastics in the general capabilities of a CrossFitter.

Core strength developed in gymnastics applies to all functional movements, including the overhead squat. There are so many progressions that allow athletes of any level to work the fundamental gymnastics drills, creating physiological adaptations in strength, flexibility, stamina, coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance. The transference of these adaptations throughout all skill based movement is undeniable.

Gymnastics from a CrossFit perspective is competency in controlling your own body in three dimensional space. Like the Olympic lifts, they are worthy of a lifetime of study.

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wrote …

i had the honor of doing the gym cert this last weekend with Tucker, the guy is a legend! this video is just a taste of his cert! the whole 18hrs is pretty much like this, learn something, practice practice practice

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