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The Warrior Spirit: Part 1 Infinite Scalability by Again Faster - CrossFit Journal

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March 19, 2009

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On February 12-13, 2008, a CrossFit HQ staff went to Alamo CrossFit in San Antonio, TX for a special Level 1 certification seminar. Members of the Warrior Transition Battalion from the Brooke Army Medical Center gathered to learn the basics of functional movement and how to scale for any starting point.

In this video from CrossFit Again Faster, elements of universal scalability are explored. Major Andrew Thompson USMC talks about real world application of what these soldiers are doing. They focus on what they can do, not on what they can’t do.

Coach Glassman talks about using rehab as an opportunity to gain something that simply wouldn’t have been possible had the injury never occurred. It’s about turning misfortune into fortune.

4min 55sec

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25 Comments on “The Warrior Spirit: Part 1 Infinite Scalability ”


wrote …

I feel so humbled....once again I find myself applauding crossfit.


wrote …

Beautiful.. Refuse to excuse.
With Kyle there to set the standard, you can't go wrong. It is nice to see CrossFit principles applied to yet another group of people that is usually held back from functional exercise.


wrote …

That's a beautiful thing. Another reason I'm proud to be part of this incredible organization.


wrote …

Robert, my thoughts exactly. I will put this one on my blackberry and show it to all. "What is CrossFit?" This is friggin' CrossFit. Paul


Darren Coughlan wrote …

It's Great seeing common sense applied to all situations and supposed limitations!

Well Done to everyone involved


wrote …

I know I'm just echoing, but Coach, Andrew, Chuck, et al. AWESOME work!


wrote …

I can relate to these guys after I broke my ankle, Crossfit has made me better quicker added onto my physical therapy


wrote …

There is a lot of media /spin doctors hype about warriors ie UFC, MMA sporting warriors. These guys are the real deal, a warrior is not just physical strength its mental strength and maintaining that strength through adversity.


Russell Benedetto wrote …

A very smart man reminded me once; that we are all warriors, we never quit, we never stop. This not only an amazing example of this warrior spirit, it is a perfect example of what infinite scalability truly means. I am so proud to be a part of Cross Fit Nation


wrote …

Perhaps it's just all the pollen here in the south that's making my eyes all watery. Perhaps not. You would have to have a lifeless soul to not be touched by what I've seen here. TX CF


wrote …

Absolutely amazing! From the pictures, to the instruction, to the words of Coach. Inspiring to say the least. A wonderful example of the passion and ownership the trainers have for this profound functional program.


wrote …

God bless these warriors!


wrote …

Not only are these guys HEROES, they are role models for our children. They have chosen to take adversity head on, and give it the beatdown. You guys are great Americans! Thanks for your service to our country!


Doug Chapman wrote …

This video should be freely available.

The message that anyone regardless of situation cane benefit from movement is priceless.

Hats off.



Doug Chapman wrote …

My bad, if is free.


wrote …

I think the pollen is a little thick out here in NorCal as well. This just makes me really proud to be a CrossFitter.

"Focus on what we can do, not on what we cannot do."


wrote …

My admiration goes out to all those in the CrossFit community who take the time to work with our injured veterans, and my thanks goes out to all those men and women in our military for your service to this country. You truly are what makes America great.


wrote …

Thank you Coach and the Crossfit staff for doing this for my fellow warriors. These warriors continue to never accept defeat. Their hard work, dedication and sacrifice is inspiring to me and my family. They continue to have our complete support and gratitude.


wrote …

dare you to watch this and not tear up


wrote …



Ronald Fielder wrote …

Good stuff!


wrote …

I know it's been said already, but I have to throw in my two cents--Coach, you and the team are awesome! By concentrating on "what we CAN do", you guys are showing the world--not only expertise, but true heart! I'm proud to be part of Crossfit!


wrote …

Guys like this are real heros. I have total respect for them to be able to do this. To get back to 'normal' is one thing but these guy are raising the bar. Good work and truly inspirational.


wrote …

You guys rock! Inspirational to see........


wrote …

This is good Karma. Brought tears to my eyes watching this. To the cert staff and warriors: You're tops in my book.

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