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March 31, 2009

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Pat Sherwood is one of CrossFit HQ’s top trainers. He is on the road most weekends at the various CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 certification seminars. He is also a great athlete who is cranking out some very impressive athletic performances. Proper nutrition is essential for optimizing performance. But how can that happen with so much time on the road?

This video is the fifth in a series in which we get up close and personal with Pat and his eating. He brings his camera to the meal and we see exactly what happens.

In this episode, Pat, EC, and Chuck are out to dinner at Pals during a CrossFit Level 1 certification weekend at CrossFit Montclair in New Jersey.

The three are all outstanding trainers and athletes. These are the choices they made that night for dinner. Some say your diet has to be totally dialed in all the time for you to achieve elite fitness. Others say life is too short to never go out and enjoy a meal. Must it be one way or the other? Let the debate continue.

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25 Comments on “Zone Chronicles: Jersey Pals”


wrote …

This video seems like a bad nutritional joke. I don't doubt their FITNESS abilities. Youth compensates for a lot of things including poor eating habits. There doesn't seem to be any consideration for HEALTH (i.e., heart, cancer, etc.).
I thought that the Zone diet was anti processed foods?


wrote …

Nice hair Pat. Jap double!

Chuck, that burger weighs as much as my leg.


wrote …

Obviously EC went and made some pretty good choices. Pat made pretty good choices for the most part, he has talked about how he eats high fat and protien on the road (hence the russian dressing). Chuck had a crazy burger with out the fries...I can't blame him (there is nothing quite like a crazy burger...with the bun). Obivously the don't eat like that all the time.

I think it is great to show that you can weigh and measure 90% of the time and eat paleo...but you won't die instantly from having the macro nutrient levels off or eating some processed foods. There is such a thing as being to obsessed with eating healthy 100% of the time.


wrote …

I have to agree with Paul. I currently zone now 6 out 7 days. I am just testing it out currently I am not even using blocks. Just 5 to 6 meals well portioned out based on hand sizes. I kind of use the 1-2-3 rule.

Example: Breakfast I eat 3 full eggs. In the zone diet, Dr. Sears would FREAK OUT! OML yokes are bad. For me I look past the "high cholesterol" and look at the micronutrients that come with the yoke. My family also doesn't have heart disease, or cholesterol issues in its history. My recent blood work came back very clean, overall not very worried.

I use the 20/80 rule when it comes to overall diet. 80% of the time I will be pretty strict, 20% of the time not so much. We are human we aren't machines. Hell even Gillian says her diet could be better and the women is a beast in the gym.

Speaking of Cheats IS IT FRIDAY YET!!!!!!


Jeff Barnett wrote …

Great video. Eat right to live a better life. Don't live your life to eat right.


wrote …

LOVE IT. Thank you!


wrote …

And I was feeling guilty for eating more than my 3 macadamia nuts the zone allows me per serving.. No more guilt! Thanks guys!


wrote …

Eating right, while not being overly strict, and above all, enjoying life, you guys look like you've got it figured out pretty good!


wrote …

EC- I'm am laughing, "maybe I'll cheat and have a whole tomato!"
I work at Starbucks and dutifully avoid EVERYTHING that we sell and allow myself to indulge on an extra handful of almonds at home. No weekly pint of ice cream for me, but maybe once a month. =)

You mentioned in passing that tomatoes and peppers affect your joints. Could you go into a bit more detail about that?

Thanks a lot for the fun video =)



I believe EC is referring to the process of cutting out "nightshades" google that term and you'll find some interesting information.


Zone is not anti-processed foods, even in Sears' books he says you could Zone on fast food. CrossFit just highly recommends against processed foods!


wrote …

Disappointed that Chuck didnt put the slaw on the burger!


wrote …

Heh - Chuck always acts all coy about the carbs when the food comes, but we all know what he's going to do.


Tracy Coughlin wrote …

I saw some nice red wine on the table - do you count that as well??


replied to comment from Tracy Coughlin

I believe 4oz is considered 1 block of carbs.


wrote …

Nice work. It is good to see that they are still human. I loved the tomato coment too.


wrote …

I recognize that 1/2 cup size glass prep bowl from my own set at home. So,

1/2 cup of Russian dressing (typical formula):

435 calories

0.8 g protein
32 g fat
39 g carbs (21 g sugars )

{ source: USDA }

I'm just saying... don't try this at home.


wrote …

When the Zombies come, I hope I happen to be dining with EC, Pat and Chuck.

Of course, they'll probably just feed me to the Zombies to advance their escape!


wrote …

Oops, I just checked my home prep bowl with a measuring cup. That's a ONE CUP bowl. Double all those previous numbers.


wrote …

Disappointed we didn't get to see Pat "crush" his burger as well :) Keep em rollin!


Russell Benedetto wrote …

Once again thank you Pat for your on the road insight, it came in handy during the adventure to my Basic barbell cert at Cross Fit Milford CT. I have been a Zoner for 8 weeks now and this was my first time traveling so thank you and hope to see you one day at a cert


wrote …

Johanna, Ryan hit the nail on the head. Some people have joint related issues realted to nightshade consumption. I have no pain, but find there is less popping/cracking when I eliminate them. Plenty on info on the web on them, and something to play with if you are so inclined.

Tracy, yup, that was red wine. I "count" it - but I'm not a Zoner. That is, I keep my daily carb intake relatively low (50-100g total), but eat protein and fat until satisfied. Dry reds don't have much of a carb count.


wrote …

Very funny, I've never been there, but I did have a car accident down the road from there in January.



wrote …

The way Chuck was contemplating that burger upon its arrival to the table is HILARIOUS.

This has been a great series and thanks to it I know refer to eating exclusively as 'crushing'. Thanks Pat!


replied to comment from Ryan Powell

Thanks for the tip. Found some good reading on the web.


Scott Shapiro wrote …

i love these videos.

keep posting zone chronicles!!!

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