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2min Defense Team WOD: Tony Beats Chuck!! by Again Faster - CrossFit Journal

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April 26, 2009

Video Article

On February 12-13, 2008, a CrossFit HQ staff went to Alamo CrossFit in San Antonio, TX for a special Level 1 certification seminar. Members of the Warrior Transition Battalion from the Brooke Army Medical Center gathered to learn the basics of functional movement and how to scale for any starting point.

In this video from CrossFit Again Faster, the trainers collected for a post-cert workout. They do a team version of 2min Defense.
The workout was:
1 Full power clean
3 Hang squat cleans
2 Push press/jerk
Run 100ft
The men used 135lbs. Jolie and Drew (recovering from an injury) used 95lbs. One partner completed the above sequence while the other rested. When both had finished, that constituted one round. The workout was ten rounds for time.

Tony was the oldest competitor, so he got to partner with Brian, who ended up being the fastest by far, and they got to set up in front for the shortest run. Call these unfair advantages if you must, but this will always be known as the time when Tony Budding beat Chuck Carswell in a running workout.

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18 Comments on “2min Defense Team WOD: Tony Beats Chuck!!”


Russell Benedetto wrote …

You all are not only inspirational you fking cracked me up with this video....^Thank you


wrote …

Wow that looks like a great workout. I think a parking lot would've been a better place for this one.


wrote …

Well done Tony.


wrote …



Daniel Kallen wrote …

Nice job, Tony (and everyone); I love it when one of us "Masters CrossFitters" gets a win.

Love the scenery and the whole set up, too. A few barbells in an alleyway with a couple of Port-a-Pottys -- Not quite a Bally's commercial. Just wonderful.


Ryan Powell wrote …

great video!

whats the song?


wrote …

Aesop Rock, just like crossfit...underground now, but one day the world will understand greatness!!! Great video, great song, Go Tony (you did have seven meters) lol.


wrote …

Aesop Rock "None Shall Pass


wrote …

Great video...........keep them coming


replied to comment from Alex Tubbs

It's more functional in an alley by some porta-pottys.

Looks like a great workout. Maybe it's just because none of them are my goat.


wrote …

Jolie, loved the football block and spin move while trying to zig-zag through the narrow alley. You ROCK girl!

Great job to all, this looked tough.


wrote …

another great video and a great looking workout. love the competitive team environment with the comraderie at the end. funny shit.


wrote …

I grinned really big when I heard that song start to play. Love Aesop Rock.

Chuck's still mah hero.


wrote …

A question from a CFNYC/Crossfit Virtuosity member (that'd be me):

Did I hear this correctly?

Somewhere near the beginning of the video, just as the workout's being explained, Jolie and Tony (I think that's who it is - I am not sure of everyone's names), discuss the distance to the speed bump.

An interaction occurs as follows:

Jolie: Whoa, whoa, whoa, that's way far.

Tony: No, they're just running 'cause they're gay.

Jolie: Oh.


I have listened several times (he's facing away from the camera) to see if he could possibly be saying something else, but I cannot think of what that might be. It's an edited video - why not edit out that little bit of casual homophobia?

I hope I've simply misheard the video. If not, I urge CF Journal and the person speaking to consider the message they send by including such a comment in a featured video representing Crossfit. Community and inclusivity are at the heart of the Crossfit ethos.



wrote …

I kinda love this PSA, which supports my question/concern pretty well:


wrote …

That looked terrible. I'm doing it. Some day!


Dale Saran wrote …

Line of the whole video -
Chuck: "No-no, Tony, check the tapes..."


wrote …

Great video except for the "gay" comment - was that necessary?

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