Dampers and Fast Hands

By Bruce Kocher

In Rowing, Videos

April 03, 2009

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Bruce Kocher is a master rower instructor for Concept 2 (when he’s not flying 767s internationally for Delta). He recently attended a CrossFit Level 1 certification seminar at Rogue Fitness in Gahanna, OH. As passionate as he is about rowing, he couldn’t help but hold several impromptu instructional sessions throughout the weekend.

In this video by CrossFit Again Faster, Bruce talks to a voluntary group of participants who decided to come in early Sunday morning to learn more about proper rowing technique. Bruce explains the role of the damper before talking about pushing the hands away quickly after the finish.

6min 24sec



6 Comments on “Dampers and Fast Hands”


wrote …

Nice job Bruce!!

Now we need one on a racing start for those 500m sprints!!


(Bruce's proud CrossFitting sister-in-law who pulled her best 500m in 1:51 with Bruce coaching all the way. Not a bad time for someone who is 5'3")


Thomas Stegelmann wrote …

@Karin: A racing start on a 500m race depends on your preferences, however there is a general rule of thumb. You increase start to get the wheel spinning over the first three strokes by rowing half slide. Think about 50%, 70% and 90% and than you lengthen out with a push for ten. This term refers to ten strokes at maximum. Afterwards, settle in a 'comfortable' rhythm. If you really want to nail it down, you should row three quarter slide most of the time which allows your hamstrings to engage. Compare to myself or even better the world record.


wrote …

I am still a newb at the rowing, and trying to learn the form. This was helpful to me, especially where it showed the rowers stopping at different parts of the stroke. It also got me digging through the articles tagged with the "rowing" label. There's a good one in there about using the feet. I'll have to watch it again, but what I got out of it was to try and stay on the toes as long as possible during the pull, which I didn't know. If you haven't checked out all the other rowing articles and videos in the journal, there's a ton of good stuff in the archives!


wrote …


I do a racing start, I learned from my sister and Bruce (her husband). I was just saying that most folks don't use one, so a video would be nice :-)



Gerald Hill wrote …

Thanks for the tips Bruce!


wrote …

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