Chastity Works the Clean

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April 21, 2009

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Chastity Slone trains at Practice CrossFit with Josh Bunch. She is a professional Figure competitor who is shooting for the 2009 CrossFit Games.

Two days after she competed against Jolie Gentry and Caity Matter, Chastity did a focus session with Tony Budding on the clean.

Chastity had never gone for a 1 rep max in the clean. And, according to Josh, she tended to pull early with her arms, muscling the cleans. Before this session, her previous best was 95lbs.

In Part 1, Chastity works the clean with PVC and an empty barbell. They go through Burgener Warmup for the clean, which forces her to use her hips instead of her arms. Once the hang clean is solid, she moves down, beginning the movement lower and lower. When the full movement is solid, she goes from the PVC to the empty barbell. 9min 11sec

In Part 2, she adds weight and goes for a 1 rep max. They go up gradually, making sure that the mechanics stay solid. She gets through 135lbs handily, and then 145lbs gets tricky. She perseveres, and sets a 50lb PR! 8min 36sec

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Part 1:
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21 Comments on “Chastity Works the Clean”


Darren Coughlan wrote …

Nice clip,

Tony is a great coach,

I still remember the O-lifting session he took at my first cert at North Santa Cruz. Learnt a truckload in 15mins!


wrote …

Damn. A great coach can make teaching a very complex movement seem so simple.


wrote …

I remember i met Tony at my level 1 cert, the man is a fountain of knowlegde, I wish he would be in front of the camera more then he is behind it. thanks for all you do in the Crossfit community Tony!.


wrote …

That was excellent. I gotta go work on my cleans now.


wrote …

This type of video is invaluable to me both as a trainer and trainee. Small nuances of how to execute as well as how to give cues both help me to clean and to train others new to the clean.

Tony Budding was at my level 1 in Quantico and taught me to clean in 15 minutes as well. Before that I am pretty certain my clean was a deadlift and a reverse curl put together in an awkward and uncomfortable manner...

So I have to agree with Darren & Victor, keep up the great work Tony!


wrote …


awesome video. just yesterday i was struggling with teaching a new client a clean, your approach is awesome. great to get some new ideas and ways to explain the movement to clients. you are a fantastic coach. i agree with victor more vids with tony in front of the camera!


wrote …

Tony seems to b a tireless individual working endlessly to make CrossFit the respected household name of true fitness it should b. Tony is a very accomplished Coach with gifted athletes such as Chastity, but to still carry over the motivation to train each CF Newbiw as he does is something to marvel at. Dominate athletes are great to train, but Tony expreses the same excitement and attention, at someone in the door for no more than a week. To me this is the exapmle of a great coach who we can all learn from. Tony presents the program honestly as it should b, and gains respect from everyone he becomes involved with no matter what level of fitness they may happen to b.

Thanks a million for the help.....jb


Adam Kayce wrote …

That is an awesome video... I agree with the "more Tony!" votes cast so far.

And even if Tony is too busy—because he obviously does a TON—these kinds of videos are exactly the kinds of content I'd love to see more of here on the Journal. There's just so much to be learned; the lifts, obviously, for beginners, are first and foremost. But also getting a chance to see various coaching styles, different ways of presenting certain cues... it's priceless stuff.


wrote …

love the concept of breaking the clean down by utilizing the burgener warm up but adding slight variations for the different o-lifts. keep these videos coming.


Kimo Kockelman wrote …

It looks like a landslide vote for "more Tony" in front of the camera. Thanks for sharing your many talents with the CrossFit community.


wrote …

Nice work, Chastity. Congrats on the PR! I am still trying to get the barbell clean straight in my head. I do the same thing you were doing, the whole "deadlift" bit gets me thinking too hard. This video was helpful, I think. (I'll find out next time I try cleans, lol.) Thanks to both of you for sharing the footage of your training session!


wrote …

Great video, what is Chastity's BW? I'm guessing 120ish? If so that is around 1.2x BW clean on first attempt going heavy? I wish I could claim that, awesome work.


wrote …

Tony's awesome. So good at training and interviewing such a wide variety of athletes ranging from the total beginner, to the elite, to the elderly training for pure function. Nice video.


wrote …

Gotta pipe in, Tony taught me the scoop and the second pull in less than 5 minutes at the Ann Arbor Cert. It's about time we see more of him in front of the camera as a trainer... Thanks Tony.


wrote …

Great video and definitely some pointers I shall incorporate.

One thought regarding neutral spine though. In various other journal videos it is stated that all the spine should stay neutral. Also, in the deadlift a "looking up" is seen as incorrect. In the clean however, this is promoted - any ideas as to why and the implications thereof?


wrote …

Wow! great video, learned a lot from it,

Thanks Tony.


wrote …

Tony really is a good teacher. I'd love to work with him.


Agree with what's been said before.

1. Extremely useful video for me as a trainer and a crossfitter. I'd love more of those one-on-one clean/snatch sessions.
2. Wish I had the chance to be trained by someone like Tony
3. Tony's contribution to the community is immense, definitely ranks in the top 4
4. Great work Chastity! Congratulations on your PR.


wrote …

Chastity - Outstanding! Awesome to see you PR :-)

Tony - get in front of the camera more often!- otherwise your talented is wasted

Thank you , Awesome coaching + getting a PR = great vid WHOOT WHOOT!


wrote …

Your a great coach Tony. Learned alot from your two videos. Thanx. You had me rooting for her too. Good job Chastity. Amazing how quick you thought the movement and made corrections. Best clean instructional video yet.


wrote …

Great coaching Tony and spot on the corrections.

Chastity you are so gorgeous, will you marry me? just show me where to get the queeue number.

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