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Correcting the Sumo Deadlift Highpull by Rachel Medina - CrossFit Journal

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April 23, 2009

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Rachel Medina is the co-owner of CrossFit South San Clemente, and she’s also a part of CrossFit HQ’s traveling Level 1 seminar team.

In this clip from Jordan Gravatt of CrossFit by Overload, Rachel “Funky-Cold” Medina teaches the sumo deadlift highpull to Level 1 participants at the CrossFit certification seminar at CrossFit San Diego on Saturday, Feb. 28, 2009.

Rachel, once again, entertains as she draws from the most creative and effective cues out there, including the purring kitty (pictured).

5min 2sec

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13 Comments on “Correcting the Sumo Deadlift Highpull”


wrote …

I am having trouble downloading anything now. I consistently get a 403 forbidden error message. Can you guys offer some input on why I am getting this. I am able to log on and download at work.



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Mine works fine, i'm on a mac playing the MOV, so i'm not sure if thats going to make a difference. Cool Video, I can't imagine myself doing that purring kitten thing, its so inefficient. On one of the recent CFR broadcasts a military guy was talking about doing a SDLHP to pull an injured soldier out the top of a busted Humvee. This speaks to the many ways that functional exercises are important in life.


wrote …

Ya I just watched the WMV on a fine


wrote …

Great Video! She is an excellent trainer and thinks up some of the best cues. Good job Rachel. I hope you'll be at the L1 cert I am going to in July!


wrote …

yeah i hate the SDHP

does anybody do a 2nd pull/scoop/rebend with the SDHP? i find it hard to vertically accelerate the bar with just a fast deadlift - the tendency is for the bar to go outwards as in a kb swing rather than straight up.


wrote …

Thank you Rachel. It now makes much more sense when the movement is broken down into its components and body positions and then put back together for a complete exercise. Now I can see that it is a Sumo Deadlift--just more explosive followed immediately by a High Pull. There are two distinct sections of this movement and then the reset.


replied to comment from Don Middlebrook

Try saving the file (right click + save as) instead of trying to stream it. That usually works for me.


replied to comment from Don Middlebrook

I cant view it either
my player only buffers to about 2% and stalls


replied to comment from Don Middlebrook

My laptop is VERY slow with media player. You tube works fine - x fit needs a u tube like server.


wrote …

Where did you learn your sweet skills? The learning center for Ants??? LOL.
JK! Seriously though. That really was a useful video. I hope you all have learned from watching this just as much as she has taught me. I hope Chris and Mike both get a chance to meet her. She will really fine tune your athletic/CrossFit abilities.

- Brother


replied to comment from Daniel Gam

Daniel, check that you begin the exercise with your legs. The bar will have a tendency to fly out forward if your knees are in the way. So, just as in a deadlift, the first part of the move is your legs (knees) extending and lifting your shoulders and hips at the same rate (constant back angle). Only once the bar clears your knees open the hip and accelerate even more.

Also, pull the bar close to your body using your lats through the entire movement, just like you would do on a clean or a snatch.


wrote …

Trainer is kind of upsetting to me.. not sure why.. doesnt seem very professional


wrote …

What would cause someone to end with low elbows (or she calls the purring Kitty)?

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