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April 04, 2009

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This is the 52nd episode of CrossFit Radio, which aired at 6pm PDT on April 3rd, 2009.

0:00 Intro
3:45 Sally Stade from the original CrossFit Santa Cruz
41:00 Caffeine is a gift from God
43:30 Responses to the diet soda news

Sally Stade is a 62 year old 5'0" woman with who has a 225lb deadlift. She says that Coach Glassman told her that she was his first walk-in. She shares this story and many others about the early days of CrossFit at Santa Cruz.

Sally represents a segment of the population for whom CrossFit is particularly good. She speaks in detail about the impact CrossFit has had on her health and her life. She also shares her specific workout and nutrition regimen.

Last week she joined a group of six individuals for an experiment with Coach Mike Burgener. The challenge was to improve their athleticism using the clean and jerk in one hour flat (this will become a future Journal video series).

51min 20sec

The next show will be Monday, April 6th, 2009 at 6pm PDT. The interview will be Melissa Byers.

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11 Comments on “CrossFit Radio Episode 52 090403”


wrote …

Neil, JJ - awesome show!

Love hearing about different crossfit experiences - very cool :-)

Can you get Cyndi Rodi back on your show soon???

Sounds like she's get even more good research about Crossfit Kids that I'd love to listen to!

Thanks :-)


Crossfit Christchurch


wrote …

Sally, great interview!

Neil & JJ, great show, as always! Please do get her back on for an update later.

I have not listened to ALL of the CFR shows yet, so I may have missed it, but if you haven't had her on yet, could we get Mary Conover? If you've seen her workout video of training with Jim Baker, you know she is a stud, too!

One last thing...when are you t-shirt promising but never delivering bastards going to have some bastard shirts for sale? I seriously need one of those! I've enjoyed all of them, but I think the "fish oil burping bastards" is still one of the best candidates for a t-shirt.


wrote …

Neil, JJ -

Saw on the main site that Every Second Counts is coming out April 22. Think you can finally use your power of persuasion to get Sevan on the show?



replied to comment from William Kohmuench

Excellent suggestion, William! That would be an awesome interview!


wrote …

Great interview! What a great lady, I hope to meet her one day. Paul


wrote …

Hi Guys,

Great shows all the way around, and I love the fact that you have folks on who are not the so called Fire Breathers, but average Joe's. Remember L is for Love, yes a Dodge Ball reference.

I think that there should be a new term for those of us who are not Fire Breathers, and that would be Grinders. Grinders are those of us who push through the WOD's just to be a better athlete, and to grind the both the mental and physical metal so that at the end of the day we have an edge. This gal was a first class GRINDER!!

By the way, I am listener #51



wrote …

Tom, I like that better than "wimp", lol. I'm stealing that, and spreading it around! Grinder! Yeah, we bad! ;)


wrote …

Cheryl, at my gym "wimp" would be one of the nicer things that the guys have to say. Feel free to spread the term Grinder, but show some love when you get noticed for it. LOL


wrote …

Maybe some guys (I won't name names here) who have a radio show could spread it around faster. ;)


wrote …

"Grinders" it is!


replied to comment from Cheryl Reehill

Cheryl, thanks for the encouragement to pass this on to Neil. I think we have a new CF Term.


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