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April 28, 2009

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CrossFit Radio episode 61 featured three guests from a diverse section of CrossFit. Dale Saran (pictured at the 2007 CrossFit Games) is one of CrossFit’s attorneys that is helping with the RRG. He covered some of the finer points of the Risk Retention Group. He explained why so much money needs to be raised and where that money is going.

Tyler Weir has created an iPhone application where you can record and broadcast the results of your WODs. It's called “As Rx’d,” and he discussed how it came about and some of the features and benefits. He also discussed how it compares to LogsItAll and Beyond the Whiteboard. Tyler explained how much this application costs and where to get it.

Gayle Jordan is one of CrossFit Radio’s newbies that has been sharing her experience with the CrossFit Nation for the last four months. She updated everyone on her progress since we last heard from her. Gayle had some hurdles to overcome, but she is back on track now. She discussed how close she came to reaching her goal of a muscle-up and her burpee challenge. Gayle talked about attending a Level One Cert and who some of the trainers were that she was able to meet and work with.

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Tyler Weir wrote …

Hey everyone, I just wanted to add a link to our site for As Rx'd, which is: (WFS)

And the direct link to the app is here:

Feel free to send any questions to


wrote …

I think I saw a few mixed reviews about the app last time I looked in the App Store...

At the 9.95 price point, would be cool to see a demo/lite version for free before paying for the full.

I like .99 cent apps!


replied to comment from Tyler Weir

I'm a pretty big fan of both the iPhone and beyondthewhiteboard. Honestly, a merger between as Rx'd and beyondthewhiteboard would be pretty friggin cool. Beyondthewhiteboard was an extremely well thought out endeavor by a pretty solid team of developers from different backgrounds. And they keep adding really cool features.


wrote …

The 100 Burpee challenge is above and beyond the daily WOD Gayle. Nice try, my wife tries to pull that too.

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