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April 22, 2009

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This is the 6th episode of the Weekend Edition of CrossFit Radio, which aired at 6pm PDT on Saturday, April 18th, 2009.

00:00 - 32:15 Weekend Edition Host Dave Young reveals the story behind the April 3rd CrossFit presentation to the annual conference of the American Society of Exercise Physiologists in Witchita Falls, TX by Greg Glassman, Brian Chontosh, and Mark Rippetoe, coordinated by Lon Kilgore. Kary Mullis presented on the nature of science itself. This was a unique opportunity to present CrossFit principles to the scientific community. The guest is Tony Webster, PhD Exercise Science and avid CrossFitter from Victoria, BC, who was present at the conference.

32:15 - 36:46 Dave Young introduces the concept of “Hard-Fought Wisdom,” a new CrossFit Radio feature presenting unique perspectives on different aspects of CrossFit derived from much experience. Presenters will all have over one year practicing CrossFit and will have a forum for giving others the benefit of what that experience has taught them. This installment talks about the concept of food portioning.

The next CrossFit Radio Weekend Edition show aired Sunday, April 19th, 2009 and featured Andy Petranek from CrossFit LA on CrossFit Basics: Concepts for Getting Started with CrossFit. Andy just finished third overall in the SoCal Regional Qualifiers. Congrats Andy!

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