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April 29, 2009

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This is the 9th episode of the Weekend Edition of CrossFit Radio, which aired at 6pm PDT on Sunday, April 26th, 2009.

00:00 - 22:00 Dan MacDougald - retired lawyer and owner of CrossFit Atlanta, talks about the importance of the CrossFit RRG to the health of the community, and how affiliate gyms can contribute to the effort for everyone’s benefit.

22:00 - 27:30 Commentary, “Hard-Fought Wisdom” #2; Dave talks about motivation beyond the numbers.

27:20 - 46:06 Dave interviews Boris Terzic on liking—but not loving—CrossFit. Boris is a Level 1 trainer and self-described “lurker” and has few thoughts about what might be wrong with some of the attitudes in the CrossFit community.

46min 13sec

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4 Comments on “CrossFit Radio Weekend Edition 9 090426”


wrote …

In any community there are bad apples ... It only adds to the problem when you let it cloud your judgement of what's really important... Is it the most effective non-specific fitness program out there? If you answer yes, then you should be an enthusiastic advocate... As fitness trainers our charter is to do whatever benefits our clients the most .. It's funny to me that you wouldn't have approached him and introduced yourself as a CrossFit trainer, I bet he would have been more receptive. I have been in Gold's Gym's before and seen the trainers training clients, so his assumption right or wrong was probably that you were just another GG trainer. I feel bad for the guy because he probably could have gotten some great informed training. I guess both of you ended up losing in the end!


wrote …

Boris Terzic, hi there! Thanks for having the guts to come on the radio for Crossfit. Sounds like you are out there on your own!

I hope I would be more polite if a trainer approached me at my rec center to give me pointers. But, I have had people tell me the most annoying things such as: kipping pullups are going to hurt my shoulders; I am working too hard; I'm moving too fast. When I go there I just hope that people will leave me alone and that this is not the day I get kicked out. Normal gyms can be pretty hostile environments for Crossfitters. You may have been the last in a long series of trainers and others to offer bad advice, so he thought you would be just like the others. Too bad you didn't introduce yourself as a Crossfit trainer. I would be shocked and thrilled to find a Crossfit trainer at MY gym!

BTW, I love this new Weekend Edition. Both Crossfit radio shows are great! When can we start getting them more quickly?


Ned Ferguson wrote …

Any time you offer unsolicited advice to anyone - CrossFitter or not - you are treading on thin ice. I see people doing dumb stuff in the gym all the time, personal trainers included. I never offer advice. If someone wants my opinion they are going to have to ask for it. I COULD make a broad generalization about personal trainers based on the overweight ones I see coaching their clients through slow isolation routines hoping to effect changes in body comp... but I won't.


replied to comment from Ned Ferguson

I agree with Ned. The guy at the gym had no idea who you were or your background. It's kinda like walking up to someone in the grocery store and telling them they have the wrong food in their shopping cart - they just may not be too receptive.

Dave, I really like CrossFit Radio and listen to just about every episode. My wife was listening to this edition and made an interesting and unsolicited comment. You use a phrase many times during your show, "the work of CrossFit". This, to her, is a little too close to a comment from a religious zealot. Now I realize that you, like me, ARE a zealot, however this is one of Boris' observations about our community. Just a thought and I'm not knocking anyone's religion, etc.

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