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April 01, 2009

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On Saturday, March 7th, 2008, a dozen athletes gathered at Rogue Fitness in Gahanna, OH for some friendly pre-Games competition.

Jolie Gentry, Caity Matter, Ashley Westerheide, and Chastity Slone went head to head in the following workout:

Three rounds for time of:
4 Handstand Pushups
8 Chest to Bar Pullups
12 Deadlifts (135lbs)
16 Box Jumps (20")

Jolie won the 2007 Games (and finished 5th in 08). Caity won the 2008 Games, so the two of them are automatically qualified for this year’s event. Ashley and Chastity are part of Practice CrossFit, and will be competing in the Midwest Regional Qualifier. Andy Stumpf of CrossFit Coronado introduces the workout.

Jolie ends up taking the victory, finishing in 5:14. Apparently, the deadlift / box jump combo was tougher than expected.

8min 2sec

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23 Comments on “Games Prep Women’s Workout”


wrote …

Someone wanna count Caity's reps on the first round of 16 box jumps?


wrote …

Wanted to make sure I tossed out a very deserved thanks to bill, and the whole Rogue team for havin us out. U guys are super cool, and true competitiors. Jolie, and Caity. Well, what can u say that the video doesn't already show. U both are pure examples of professionalism paired with hard ass work. Thanks for takin the time to have fun with us....jb


replied to comment from Geoff Aucoin

There was a crossfade in the middle of her reps...


wrote …

I really love this workout. any idea of how it would be changed for a MALE???? I was thinking of 225lbs. on the deadlift maybe?


wrote …

Who says the Olympics only come every four years? Very cool vid.


I would add making the box jump height 24".


wrote …

Great work ladies...truly inspirational...wish you guys lived near so I can experience a WOD with you all....keep up the great effort.

good luck to you all!!!



Herm Blancaflor wrote …

Atta girl JOLIE!!! :)


wrote …

Nice work ladies! I'm curious where one could procure one of those snazzy CrossFit pullovers Tony B. had on?


wrote …

Inspirational gorgeous fit women!


wrote …

Awesome job Jolie! It was my pleasure and honor to train with you at the Cert. in San Deigo. The left side of my body is still burning from where you breathed fire on it! :-) Stay Healthy!


wrote …

what would be a guys weight on the deadlift? 225?


wrote …

Inspiring as always


wrote …

Haha Tony's play-by-play will get better, just give it some time. I'm interested to see if there will be any kind of commentary on Games videos this year, trying to spice it up (not that they need it). Speaking of which the games should be on some ESPN network (ESPN8 The Ocho?), I mean why not they put the X-games on, and world's strongest man competitions. I don't know what people think about that, it might be polluting the sport or something.


Russell Benedetto wrote …

All I can say is the games will be interesting this year....Great job by all


wrote …

awesome job ladies!!! it's good to see some videos of girls competing against each other.
I'm curious if Jolie follows zone or paleo? I've seen the other videos with Caity saying she kind of eats what she wants and that works for her and Chastity's diet. Maybe a video of what Jolie eats?


wrote …

Strong work, ladies! Thanks for being an inspiration to the rest of us! I wanna be that fast and strong when I grow up..


wrote …

Great video and WOD. It was interesting to see pre-WOD what all four had "in the tank" relative to travel, rest, competition, etc. in the past 24 hours. Also thanks for the interviews after what was the biggest challenge (specific exercises for Jolie and Caity or diet for Chastity). This made it more valuable from a training perspective than just showing a WOD and seeing them wiped afterwards. Cool stuff as always!


wrote …

Where was Ashley's post WOD interview?

Great work girls, just goes to show how many different ways WODs can be combined for anihilation (even when you underestimate the reps' potential).


replied to comment from Jessica France

I second that! Please Crossfit can we have another Jolie video?


wrote …

Great job everyone!

...and nothing goes better with a great vid than a great song! Classic Tool...gotta love it!


wrote …

First, great job to everyone in the video. Ms. Gentry's 5:14 is mind-blowing!

Second, for those asking what a comparable deadlift weight for men would be, I wonder if it would be 195 lbs. I say that because I believe, historically, the weight for women has been approx 70% of the men's weight, but I could very well be mistaken.



wrote …

Strong work and the first time i hear a TOOL Song in a crossfit video!

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