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April 02, 2009

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Cyndi Rodi is a Level II certified CrossFit Trainer, CrossFit Kids Programmer and Trainer, a member of CrossFit Kids HQ, and part of the team that administers the CrossFit Kids Certification Seminars. She has a B.A. in psychology. Her background includes working with the UCLA-Camarillo Neuropsychiatric Institute Research Program and as a Behavioral Therapist, designing and implementing behavioral change programs for children with disabilities. She has spent recent years immersed in brain research with a particular emphasis on its correlation to physical movement and its applicability to CrossFit training and the specific developmental needs of children and teens.

The conclusion of her research is that CrossFit Kids training takes advantage of the mind’s power to record and recall information by catering to its inherent learning patterns. We are teaching our kids in a manner that maximizes their natural learning potential and creates lasting memories, principles which are applicable to all ages. Studying brain function allows us to offer our children and teens opportunities to learn in a positive and permanent manner. By offering novel experiences, creating repetition, incorporating complex movements and effectively grouping stimuli, we help our kids to learn better, remember more and experience permanence in skill development.

And, of course, it works for adults, too.

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6 Comments on “How to Build a Better Neural Highway”


wrote …

My friend, you continue to amaze me on a daily basis. I learn something new from you every time I listen to you speak at a cert, or read one of your articles. Thank you for sharing this information with the community. Great things will come of it.


wrote …

There are some other tremendously cool things about fitness and the brain. For example, fitness actually produces more neurons, and it balances out seratonin and dopamine levels. Check out the book, "SPARK, the Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain" by Dr John Ratey. This is an amazing book about brain development and for no better term "brain rehab.


wrote …

Great article! My wife is a Kindergarten teacher for kids with special needs. I think this info will be very helpful.


wrote …

That is a truly amazing article thank you Cyndi for being so diligent about trying to better out kids and why it is so important to be doing it now at their young age. Oh yeah, and your very smart!


wrote …

If you like "Spark," you'll probably enjoy another book by Dr. Ratey called "A User's Guide to the Brain: Perception, Attention, and the Four Theaters of the Brain." More interesting information, some repeat, but definitely worth the read. I highly recommend it.


wrote …

Hi Cyndi, Great article! You've taken a complex subject and not only made it understandable but also made it fascinating.

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