Running Technique Wheel Analogy

By Brian Mackenzie

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April 29, 2009

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Brian Mackenzie of CrossFit Endurance offers seminars on efficient running techniques.

In this video from CrossFit Again Faster, Brian works with Wendy, a seminar participant, to improve her running. He explains the wheel analogy, which compares a flat tire to a runner who spends a long time with their feet on the ground, both of which are less efficient.

There is video footage of Wendy before the instruction. Then Brian shows her several drills designed to keep her foot relaxed and her feet under her, thus minimizing time on the ground. Wendy’s running is analyzed after the instruction, and compared to the first clips. The improvement is obvious.

9min 24sec

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9 Comments on “Running Technique Wheel Analogy”


wrote …

Man this makes me want to attend the endurance cert.


Wendy Shafranski wrote …

Noah - you should do it! I came back from the cert and PR'ed and WOD with running in it.


wrote …

Thats a great video. Really helpful. Thanks!


wrote …

That is a great video!


Robert Ellsworth wrote …

Again Faster + Brian MacKenzie = CrossFit Heaven. They could make a movie! :)


wrote …

Does the pose technique apply to sprinting?


wrote …

With the exception of the pull part of the three-part theory, it's alot like the 'Chi Running' technique that talks about allowing forward lean, gravity work for you in helping you move forward. Nice video.


wrote …

Fascinating. Almost makes me want to go out and run right now...naaa...I'll wait till tomorrow.


wrote …

This video has helped me so much. The mechanics of my running can't help but make me a better runner with less injury. I love to run - but will wait another day myself?

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