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April 04, 2009

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Coach Mark Rippetoe introduces the basic terminology and vocabulary necessary to understand human movement.

This footage is taken from his Basic Barbell Certification seminar at CrossFit Brand X in Ramona, CA on February 14, 2009.

In Part 1, Rip covers the essential anatomical and physiological structure of how movement happens around a joint. The relationship among muscle fascia, tendons, ligaments, and bones are addressed. 7min 26sec

In Part 2, Rip covers the basics of the motor units within the muscles. The more finely the muscles need to move, the more nerves there are per muscle fiber. 6min 37sec

In Part 3, Rip covers the various planes of movement (such as sagittal, frontal, horizontal, lateral). 11min 11sec

In Part 4, Rip covers internal and external rotation, particularly as it applies to the squat. He also covers supination and pronation. 4min 24sec



11 Comments on “The Barbell Cert: Vocabulary and Terms”


wrote …

LOL! I love Rip. He never gets old.


wrote …

This crowd is pretty quiet, it must have been early in the morning.


wrote …

Bourbon is medicinal at that point. Love that. :)


Kevin Wood wrote …

Ahhh, these videos take me back to my Kinesiology days in university.


wrote …

wow thanks for making this available to us


wrote …

Regarding video 3, on the planes of orientation, what are the angles at which the various joints change from adduction to abduction? To take the hip joint as an example, is it that only the configuration when the legs are parallel in the frontal plane is considered adduction, and any change away from that is abduction?


replied to comment from Jared Lybbert

I was at that cert and it wasn't nearly as boring as the videos make it out to be :) We had some "open-ended" conversations after the lecture and practical exercises were through that were very engaging.


wrote …


When joints like the hip and the shoulder combine two planes of orientation it's known as circumduction because a circular or elliptical movement pattern is engaged.


wrote …

As I recall, Rip was getting a mean cold and asked that we be quiet so that he did not have to strain his voice, he wanted to make it through the day. Of course, we did not want to miss any of Rip's famous quotations either.


Jeff Martin wrote …

It's quiet because Rip is simply fascinating.


Jeff Martin wrote …

It's quiet because Rip is simply fascinating.

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