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April 24, 2009

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This is Part 7 of the second episode of the Boz and Todd Experience. Boz and Todd, with special guest Chris Spealler, conducted four training sessions at Front Range CrossFit. Except for scheduling the athletes, these sessions were unplanned. They met with the athletes for the first time that night, interviewed them about their strengths and weaknesses, and took them through a training session and workout. Real world training with several of Front Range CrossFit’s regular clients.

This video is Boz working one-on-one with Laura. Laura says she needs work on her upper body strength and that she likes the workout “Cindy” (max rounds in 20min of 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats). Boz decides that her workout should be a modified “Mary” (max rounds in 20min of 5 handstand pushups, 10 one-legged squats, 15 pullups).

Part 1 covers their extensive, skill-based warmup, in which Boz teaches progressions for both the handstand pushup and the one-legged squat.

Part 2 covers Laura’s workout.

Adrian Bozman, Todd Widman and Chris Spealler are three of CrossFit’s top trainers. They spend a significant portion of their time traveling around the country working the CrossFit Level 1 and Level 2 certification seminars.

14min 48sec

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Part 1:
Part 2:


9 Comments on “The Boz & Todd Experience — Episode 2, Part 7”


wrote …

Excellent video! I love the progressions for the pistol squat, and the shoulder mobility drills. Thanks for sharing...great stuff, as always!


wrote …

Great cues! I'll definitely be using them. Man, Boz is a fantastic coach. When I grow up, I want to be like him :-)


wrote …

They are great coaches.

Just awesome.


wrote …

If my gym had kettle bells, I`d love to learn how to toss them around! I wonder what they`ll do if I start throwing dumbbells up and down....


wrote …

good stuff, I can't wait to try both out!


Cody Limbaugh wrote …

A while back you posted the Box Squat series on a single download page. -Awesome idea! It would be great to have all of these multi-part series on a single download page so we can review them in their entirety. Diddo for the Kelly S/ Midline series.

Great stuff guys!

I was fortunate enough to have these two at my L1 in Puyallup WA last month and I'm still soaking in all the info weeks later. Awsome coaching! Great Cues- and the 'ego free' environment is soooo refreshing. Especially when they both are deserving of an ego- yet are humble, respectful and helpful at every turn (not to mention funny as hell) all around great guys!

I guess I'll leave it at that before I start sounding like I got a man-crush or something.


wrote …

i love boz and todd..where did they learn all of this. Man are they super knowledgeable on everything


wrote …

Love these videos on progressing the beginnner! I can't get enough of 'em. Thanks!!


wrote …

To keep the elbows from flairing out, I used a yoga belt positioned above my elbows to hold the elbows in. It worked and felt completely different and much harder.

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