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April 22, 2009

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In CrossFit and in life, we go overhead. Kelly Starrett, of San Francisco CrossFit, explains the essential anatomy and physiology of the shoulder in this excerpt from his one day seminar at CrossFit Santa Cruz on November 9, 2008.

The shoulder is designed primarily for mobility. There are a number of forces that rotate it internally, while there are relatively few forces rotating externally. Balancing the shoulder so that it remains in an optimal position for maximum stability and force production is the goal.

This is the continuation of the series from Kelly on the theory and practice of stabilizing the midline in functional movement.

Part 1 5min 53sec
Part 2 5min 19sec



37 Comments on “The Functioning Shoulder (Parts 1 and 2)”


wrote …

This may very well be covered in the next video but just in case it isn't, is the "off-the-shelf" position that Kelly talks about in the video the same position we get into when we are in the rack position (when receiving the weight on the shoulders during a clean)?


Jeff Martin wrote …

Thank you for this series.


wrote …

This entire series has been fantastic and so helpful it really can’t be expressed.

This one explains the issue so beautifully.


wrote …

This may be what I've been looking for for years! Could this off the shelf stuff cause knots in the lower trap and/or rhomboids? If so, does strengthening the rotator cuff muscles that he talked about help that? And, if so, does snatch work and so on do that?


wrote …

Glad to see this series continuing. Fantastic stuff here.


wrote …

These video journals of Kelly are, in my humble opinion, one of the most significant contributions to this journal. Thank you so much for generously spreading your knowledge, Kelly.


wrote …

This has got to be one of the best series of videos on the journal! Super interesting and the dude is FUNNY :0) "Spii-i-yne of the scapula" lol. Thanks Kelly.


wrote …

This series has really opened up my eyes. I never just to care much for working my flexibility and have always been prone to injuries. But thanks to this series I now work on my flexibility on a daily basis. Hopefully I will have less injuries ithe future.


wrote …

This series has helped me teach the importance of proper mechanics and flexibility to a whole lot of people. Congrats Kelly, your message and knowledge have made you a star way out here in Michigan.


wrote …

Ditto on how great Kelly is as a presenter and how thorough his knowledge is. So when does the next vid come out about the things we can do to keep the shoulder from slipping into that bad position? This is very apropos now considering how many shoulder complaints there are lately on the boards. Thank you. So, how DO we fix it?


I want to know what would have to be true for Kelly to take this show on the road. I want to see this stuff live. I agree that this is some of the best content ever put on the Journal.


wrote …

Kelly- Make the full video and we will all buy it!


Timothy Seinen wrote …

I'm going to sign up and see him in Edmonton, too much useful information not to see him.


wrote …

can't wait for the next one!


wrote …

These are never long enough I need more. And I would love to catch one of these live.


wrote …

Finally the shoulder!! Thank you so much Kelly! I'm looking forward to the next videos in the series. Also, please sell a DVD!!!


wrote …

I want more! :-(
When is there going to be another such seminar. K-star is so damn impressive.


I'll second that motion Julie! And I hope Kelly gets into some shoulder rehab advice as well.


replied to comment from daniel hoang

I'm wondering this exact same thing...


wrote …

Looking forward to hearing more on this topic. This is undoubtedly the reason I tore my supraspinatus tendon last year. I'm an off-the-shelf kind of girl.


wrote …

Excellent series, also wondering about some rehab, and strength exercises....I would also by a video!!


wrote …

Awesome! Thank you

Is there ever going to be a 'Proper Stretching' cert?


wrote …

Priceless info ... please keep them coming ...


wrote …

The worst part about all of Kelly's video clips are that they leave me wanting more. Every time.


wrote …

Would it be possible once this series is complete to edit it all into one video?


wrote …

I'll continue the litany pf praise. I'd be more than happy to buy a K-Star video and/or love to see a complete video of this seminar. Amazing stuff. And I'm hoping to hear more abour shoulder rehab!


Hollis Molloy wrote …

I agree with everyone. The info that Kelly provides is a vital piece of the CrossFit puzzle.

We are working on new videos from his most recent event "Training the Injured Athlete"

Stay tuned


wrote …

I like these videos as well but was wondering why the whole video isn't posted at one time? Or why the videos just seem to cut off at random points?


wrote …

Going to see Kelly for a 8 hour seminar.....can't wait to learn way more than I can handle!!


wrote …

Kelly - Thank you! Keep the vids coming my shoulder is killing me.


wrote …

Another great one from Kelly. I hope he writes a book or makes a DVD about warm-up, stretching, injury treatment etc. from the point of an average person/athlete (say a Starting Strength style book). I've been meaning to buy Relax into Stretch by Pavel Tsatsouline as I've heard it's good, but a 2 hour DVD by Kelly would be amazing.


wrote …

First, thanks to K-Star for the continued sharing of your expertise.

Second, to the CFJ staff, I really appreciate how you grouped Part 2 with the existing Part 1 post and pulled it to the front page as a new post. This will help when trying to consecutively watch all the parts of these great multi-part sessions.

Keep up the great work all around!!


wrote …

Great videos! Very helpful for understanding shoulders/positioning. THANK YOU!!!


wrote …

Aw man who's cutting this stuff, I want more!


wrote …

At this point I could listen to Kelly recite a Chinese Food Menu and I'd be happy. This is the best series of videos to date. Come to Calgary; it'll be warm here soon, I hope!


wrote …

Ditto on what everyone else said. I could watch every single minute on an all-day Kelly Starrett seminar...there's no need for the editing bit. ;)


wrote …

Pure genius.

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