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The Road to the 09 Games — Jenni (Parts 1 and 2) by Jenni Orr - CrossFit Journal

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April 20, 2009

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Jenni Orr is a presenter and head trainer for the traveling HQ seminar team for Level 1 and Level 2 certifications. She’s also an amazing athlete, finishing 8th overall in the 2008 CrossFit Games. She was a dancer in college, and a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins.

Jenni is gearing up for the Dirty South Regional Qualifiers, where the competition is going to be very fierce.

In Part 1, the CrossFit Again Faster crew caught up with Jenni at her home gym of BGI CrossFit, where she talks about being an athlete and preparing for the 2009 CrossFit Games.

In Part 2, Jenni the coach is featured.

5min 15sec

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Part 1:
Part 2:


13 Comments on “The Road to the 09 Games — Jenni (Parts 1 and 2)”


wrote …

Jenni was one of my instructors at my Lvl 1 Cert in ATL in January. Great coach, great athlete-I'm sure you will do well girl! Looking forward to seeing you again at the Dirty South Qualifier!
Brandon, Crossfit NE Georgia


wrote …

Holy cow, Jenni! You look strong! I was particularly impressed with the muscle up with the med ball :-) I hope you kill it at the Dirty South Qualifier so I can cheer you on at Aromas!


Todd Lynch wrote …

Technically I believe she finished tied for 8th place at the 08' games. Nice job Jenni! Proud of you girl!!


wrote …

You kick F'ing ass, Jenni. Keep doing what you are doing. You're a stud. The East Coast Cert Mafia is pulling for you 100%!


wrote …

Jenni your gonna crush it!!


wrote …

Good luck at the qualifiers girl! You are gonna kick ass!
Miss u!


replied to comment from Todd Lynch

Thanks Todd! You're right, and it's corrected.


wrote …

Jenni. After taking a look at the short vid, I think you will do great in the qualifier. Keep up the good work.

Some feedback. Your OHS. (Please anyone correct me if I am wrong). It's at 1:58 in the video.

I noticed as you hit your stick point in your OHS your lower back slightly tucks under. I point this out as it could be a possible point on injury depending on intensity and weight of OHS. I know from practical stand point I have strained my lower erectors before by having my butt curve at the bottom of the squat. This is usually a result of tightness in the hamstrings. I am sure you have done countless OHS. Really it's just a point of safety. Would hate to see you get injury before your qualifier.

Keep up the good work rooting for you.

Cheers Jordan


wrote …

I'm just proud to know Jenni and women like her through CF. What a stud! Count me as just another fan, Paul


replied to comment from Apollo Swabbie

She was one of my instructors at level 1 in Charlotte. She should do very well, she is an absolutely amazing athelete.


wrote …

What's the deadlift/KB WOD she's doing in the video? Anyone know?



Deadlift (225,155)
Kettle Swing (53,35)

Some went heavier than Rx.


wrote …

You are an amazing athlete, trainer and most of all mentor. You have coached us and cheered us on during so many of our workouts and now it's time to cheer for you! You are truly an inspiration. Look out Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi Jelli is ready to win. Fight for it.

Jenny and James

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