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The Warrior Spirit: Part 3 The Workout by Again Faster - CrossFit Journal

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April 15, 2009

Video Article

On February 12-13, 2008, a CrossFit HQ staff went to Alamo CrossFit in San Antonio, TX for a special Level 1 certification seminar. Members of the Warrior Transition Battalion from the Brooke Army Medical Center gathered to learn the basics of functional movement and how to scale for any starting point.

In this video from CrossFit Again Faster, the soldiers work out. There is one prescribed workout, which is scaled and/or modified differently for nearly every athlete. The ambulatory head out the front door, and are required to navigate traffic in the parking lot. The wheelchair bound head out the back door and have to navigate obstacles and each other. Pushups, pullups, modified climbs, it’s all there.

Most of these soldiers had been in rehab for at least a few months, but few of them had seen elevated heartrates since their injuries. This weekend changed that. CrossFit-style rehab requires intensity, and intensity brings results.

This seminar was originally proposed to be held at the hospital, but several administrators thought it would be a bad idea to introduce this kind of training to these soldiers. Brian Ipock and Rick Martinez were undeterred, and brought the event to Alamo CrossFit.

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31 Comments on “The Warrior Spirit: Part 3 The Workout”


wrote …

That brought tears to my eyes.


wrote …

That was the most moving video I've ever seen. Thank you.


wrote …

You just can't watch this series of vids without being proud of the CrossFit community and feel humbled to be a part of it.


Richard Borgatti wrote …

That was a deep and touching video.
Thank you to all involved.


wrote …

A touching and incredibly inspirational video
Awesome effort guys, that is what making a difference looks like


wrote …

It give me chills...


wrote …

What a moving series of videos. This is what human spirit and helping your fellow man/woman is. Thanks Crossfit.


wrote …

Thank you for such an inspirational video.


wrote …

I have never been more proud of a community then after watching this video. Thank you.


wrote …

Perhaps the most inspiring video I have ever seen. Thank you to the men and women that defend our nation and thank you to CrossFit for supporting these heroes.


wrote …

This really exemplifies why crossFit is so awesome. Functional movement is functional movement. When these guys get injured, they don't cease to function. Instead their functional movements may change. But those are the movements they need to be good at to continue to be good at life. CrossFit is all about increasing their capacity at these movements. Disablity is all a matter of perspective. Compared to Josh Everett, I'm effectively disabled :-) And Kyle Maynard is more capable than most people that I know that consider themselves athletic. Keep it up guys. You're crossFitters now, we laugh in the face of adversity!


wrote …

that was phenomenal. those guys are so inspirational. well done everyone.


wrote …

I love crossfit!


Glenn Siegrist wrote …

I'm glad I was not the only one watching this video and crying like a child with a skinned knee. I hope Brian and Rick send this series to the Hospital Commander to show how big a mistake his staff is making by not allowing CF to help at the hospital.

I mean with budget cut backs and personnel shortages about why would anyone want extra help? Really? Really! (Walter Reed anyone ?) Alas having been around this sort of closed minded thinking in the Military for the last 22+ years this does not surprise me they ran into resistance. Hopefully someone above the people in charge of the hospital sees this video and makes a call, and there you have it over night its a great idea all of a sudden from the non thinkers and well you get the point....


wrote …

These guys bring shame to any of us who complain that we have any problems in life but yet have all of our "normal" physical abilities. Thanks to all those in the video who sacrificed so much that we can enjoy so great a freedom. And for the Crossfit team...your heart and love for the brotherhood of these men is evident...thanks for setting an example..


wrote …

This series has been incredibly inspiring. Thank you to the warriors, our soliders, for their sarcrifice; and thank you to Coach, Kyle Maynard, the CF trainers, Brian Ipock, Rick Martinez, and Alamo CrossFit for bringing CrossFit to them; and thank you Again Faster for bringing that weekend to us. The strength of the human spirit in each of the soliders is just amazing.


wrote …

That could possibly be one of the best CF videos I've ever seen. After 1.5 years of being a part of this community, I'm constantly amazed at the passion and willingness to increase the quality of life for people other then ourselves that CF demonstrates. Bravo to the media and training crew for this stellar performance.


wrote …

wow...that was really something else...very inspirational...makes me want to be as big a part of this community as i possibly can be!


wrote …

Strong work, guys. Congrats on the cert! I imagine each of you will come up with all kinds of great innovations for workouts, and I hope you'll continue to share them with the CF community. Let us know when they boot you out of the hospital for causing trouble with your crazy workouts! ;)


wrote …

Wow, that was one of the greatest things I have ever seen.


wrote …

I echo Clint's sentiments almost exactly. This video was both humbling and awe-inspiring...and it made me think.

One of my coaches can often be heard throwin' out things like (censored, of course), "So what if your run time sucked? thankful you were able to run at all."; "Revel in your achin' shoulders...'cuz you were strong enough to put a @$#% bar overhead."; "If you're feeling like #$%% today, smile anyway...'cuz you got to wake up this morning and take another stab at makin' it better."

As I'm sure many can imagine, the reaction that sentiment usually elicits sounds something like, "Bite me, you don't get it," (on a clean day) and comes with a look or gesture that could kill. I appreciate the face smack this video delivers (while perhaps unintentionally) with a message that the real losers in life are those who let pride, ignorance and cowardice stand in the way of good stuff - be they hospital admin staff or you very own self.

Cheers to Again Faster for bringing CF-ers this reality check, and to Alamo CF for lettin' us view some of the great work at your box.


Matt Charney wrote …

I am at a loss for words.

Semper Fi


wrote …

Awesome. Humbling. Inspiration...motivation...rejuvination.
It's those who don't see the possibility in this training that need the rehabilitation.
These guys, the CrossFit coaches and the CrossFit community are what it's all about.
Charge hard, guys. Thank you for your service. GOd Bless you and God Bless America that we have such dedicated Warriors willing to serve and protect us.


wrote …

Those individuals are an inspiration to all of us. If that video does not touch your soul then you probably do not have one. Thanks Crossfit. Keep after it!

Rangers Lead the Way!!


Katrina Burton wrote …

Wow. That was extremely motivating and inspiring. Thank you Coach and staff for giving everyone a chance in this community.


wrote …

I had the joy of obtaining my certification with these Wounded Warriors. It was one of the most inspiring times of my life and I am very proud that I had the chance to experience this with my brothers in arms. Thank you Brian, Coach Glassman and the CrossFit Staff who made this happen.


wrote …



wrote …

The guys in this video are why we are the greatest nation on the face of the earth. You guys make me proud to be an American and grateful for your service on my and my family's behalf. I have nothing but love, respect, and pride for you guys. I wish you only the best in your lives.


wrote …

I watched the video without reading the attached article and couldn't believe what I was hearing when Coach said that there were people who opposed CrossFit being introduced to these guys within the hospital. I hope some of the doubters have had a chance to watch this series of videos and review their thoughts.

If they are honest with themselves and have any integrity they will spread the word amongst other doubters that CrossFit is a fantastic addition to any rehabilitation programme they have in place.We talk about proprioception in rehab, can anyone think of a better way to rebuild neural pathways than a CrossFit WOD ?

Thank you to the warriors who allowed themselves to be filmed. I hope that when they watch these videos they get some sort of positive vibes - it's one thing to do these workouts but to see yourself doing them in colour must feel awesome. The knock - on effect is and will be infinite.

These guys have been through life changing experiences and lived. For some of them CrossFit has just given them a reason to continue living - I truly believe this !

Remember this guys, we all place limitations on ourselves based on our own perception of what we can physically achieve. CrossFit blows this thought process out the water due the scalability of the workouts.

I'd just like to finish by wishing all the warriors the quickest recovery they can achieve.



wrote …

One word. Goosebumps.


wrote …

I'll second the first comment

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