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May 04, 2009

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At 3:45 p.m. on Friday, January 2, 2009, Greg Amundson left CrossFit Camp Pendleton running a 12min mile pace. He was attempting to run 100 miles in 24 hours. To make matters more interesting, his training was just the CrossFit main site workouts, and his diet was pure Zone before, during, and after the run.

Now CrossFit never claims that the main site workouts are designed to prepare you to run 100 miles, but Greg never shies away from a challenge. He had been challenged by Melissa Mackenzie, and he turned it into a fundraiser for Operation Phoenix.

In this video, Greg, Jimi, and Steve talk about the attempt (he ended up covering just over 80 miles in 24 hours), the logistics, the training, and why Operation Phoenix.

Part 1 - 8min 49sec
Part 2 - 8min 43sec

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Part 1:
Part 2:


24 Comments on “On the Road for 100 Miles? (Parts 1 and 2)”


wrote …

Simply... INSPIRING!


wrote …

That guy is my hero!


wrote …

Beastly. I'm referring to that mustache. And oh yea the run is pretty cool too.


wrote …

Inspirational. And not just because of the run... Greg Amundson a shining example of the many exceptional people in CrossFit! This community constantly amazes and inspires me!


Daniel Kallen wrote …

Greg is amazing and utterly inspiring!

My passion for, and commitment to, CrossFit is continually re-ignited by efforts like this.

Greg's passion is awesome and inspiring; the support he had is moving and amazing. And raising awareness for Operation Phoenix is indisputably noble. This endeavor really pulled together many of the finest and best things about CrossFit.

I was fortunate enough to meet Greg's wife, Mallee, at my L1 cert in Aromas last year. She was awesome as well; And I'm grateful to her, too, because she inspired my daughter (who as at my cert). My little (now) 10-year-old girl has not missed a workout with me since; what that means to me as single father is beyond words.

Funny, but I was just thinking about Greg and Mallee last weekend. I saw a picture of them on a CrossFit Store discount card handed out at the SoCal qualifiers and wondered how they were doing... It was an odd way to be reminded of them, but I was not at all surprised to see their picture there, as they represent so much that is good and right about CrossFit. I wish you guys all the best and hope you are doing great.

Thanks, Greg! Way to go!


wrote …

Greg you are awesome!
I met you @ CFSD lv 1 cert on Dec. 16th & 17th..... You are a great athlete, teacher, and person. Your enthusiasm for what you do is infectious. I wish i could have been there on your run to encourage you the way you did for me @ the cert. Good job brother.


wrote …

Awesome video.


wrote …

Descending the mountain is as important as the ascent. Fit athletes like Greg can quickly recover from an effort like this while the less fit are relegated to icebaths, chiropracters and worse. I'd like to hear from Greg about the days immediately after his run; how fast was your recovery, when did you resume CF? Was there any residual effect on your regular training and activities? Thanks for all you do Greg!


wrote …

phenomenal!!! Ian't wait for the next segment.


wrote …

That is I can't wait for the next segment


wrote …

When I first started CFing a couple of years ago, I used to love watching the old videos with Greg. What an inspiration! Dude you are so awesome and that mustache is disgusting. I love it!


wrote …

My original CrossFit hero. I started watching Greg's videos in 2005 and I'm still in awe watching him. He's an amazing athlete, a great trainer, and an all around good dude.


wrote …

So....How come the goal was not accomplished? I am asking to satiate my exercise science self, 80 is still spectacular but what happened that Greg became unable to reach 100? Was he able to continue for 24 hours straight? Will there be more information on how exactly the 24 hours developed for Greg, how he was feeling, how his nutrition during the run made him feel, etc. This is important stuff to us nerds!

Great Job Greg, this is an incredible undertaking and really underlines what CrossFit is all about and throw a big shoulder behind Op. Phoenix!


wrote …


As much I want to give it away, I love keeping everyone in suspense. That being said, you'll see why in part 2! If you really can't wait, you can check out the article that Greg wrote about his running experience which is linked in this Journal entries' description.


wrote …

This is awesome. My wife ran a full marathon this weekend with no training, just CrossFit. She finished just shy of 5 hours and was back to work the next day with no problems! Thank you CrossFit.


wrote …

If you were to look up CrossFit in the Websters dictionary, you would find a picture of Greg next to it. What could you say about this truly insipirational CrossFit Icon. I have watched Greg on the videos throughout my experience with Crossfit since 2004 and let me tell you if you want to realize what CrossFit can do for you, then watching Greg will convince you that CrossFit is the best fitness program ever. Thanks to both Greg's (Glassman & Admunson) for your visions and continued efforts to the CrossFit Community and all that we stand for.


wrote …

Congrats Greg, or is it Kevin Youkilis? An amazing athlete that can do all these crossfit workouts and then moonlight as a professional baseball player. Especially now with the 'stache, you look more alike. Your "GI Jane" video is one of my favorite motivators.


wrote … favorite Weezer song too...great stuff!


wrote …

Nothing short of amazing and how awesome would it be to see Greg finish the 100 miles on another attempt?

P.S. Not that he needs to, he has my utmost respect.


wrote …

Greg, your story is inspirational. I recently attended Level I cert in Vegas and have been training a few people out of my garage. I have been telling my fellow officers about your accomplishment and have been trying to spread the cool-aid! Take care and be safe!


wrote …


You are incredible athlete I am new to crossfit and watching your videos are insperational. We nee to see some new videos of you training.Also your tupperware article on thed zone diet was excellent.



wrote …

Greg A is the reason i started crossfit. I saw one of the videos on the main site of him doing pull-ups and i was hooked. This is such a testament to him as an athlete and his character.


wrote …

I'm curious what the long term effects were on your joints for this abusive LSD effort. Did every thing heal up fine after a few days, or are there lingering effects from the 80 miles of pounding?

This was yet another inspirational effort, and it is nothing short of amazing that one could run 80 miles without any LSD training, whatsoever to supplement the main suite programming.


wrote …

How is Operation Phoenix doing now?

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