Bruce Kocher: Watt Contest

By Bruce Kocher

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May 02, 2009

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Bruce Kocher is a master rower instructor for Concept 2 (when he’s not flying 767s internationally for Delta). He recently attended a CrossFit Level 1 certification seminar at Rogue Fitness in Gahanna, OH. As passionate as he is about rowing, he couldn’t help but hold several impromptu instructional sessions throughout the weekend.

In this video by CrossFit Again Faster, Bruce describes a max wattage contest that proved popular with CrossFitters at the cert after a couple adult barley pop beverages. It’s a way to test maximum instantaneous power on the rower. The machine doesn’t record the max, but you can take note the biggest number generated on the screen.

Bruce talks about one tall participant who generated over 900 watts, which is a world-class number.

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wrote …

I could not download the pdf file. Please fix it


wrote …

5-2-09 5:26 Mountain time. I could not download it either.


wrote …

Sorry. The entry was mislabeled as a PDF. It's now correctly tagged as a video.


wrote …

"Don't try this at home kids"

Nicely done as usual Bruce!!



wrote …

Thanks Tony. looks like fun, i'm going to try it monday


wrote …

The East Germans used to use a similar test (seven strokes all out) to gauge their rowers for overtraining in a similar way to how many endurance athletes chart their resting morning pulse rate. When the power dropped off they would back off the volume/intensity. (Thomas Lange was well over 1200 Watts.) Anyway, Coach is always talking about how heart rate and other indirect physiological measurements of "intensity" are merely correlates of actual intensity which just equals power.
It just makes me wonder. Even for elite rowers who spend the majority of their training time in the aerobic range, a drop off in max power correlates well with overtraining. Doing Crossfit, we already record our power outputs anyway. Perhaps there is a better way to guesstimate how much kool-aid we could/should drink than simply "3 on 1 off"


wrote …

#6 William: Great insight, thanks. I had not considered using the drill as a regular training metric. I will now.

Sounds like 1200 is the new gold standard. There was a comment on the Main site with 1248. Unverified but impressive. Are there any 1300 Watt CrossFit athletes out there?


wrote …

Neat drill. Managed 989. Wanted to break that 1000 mark but after 5 attempts, I wasn't going to get it. 1200-1300 is sick! I was pulling so hard the front of the rower was coming off the floor!


replied to comment from Daniel Thacker

989 is fairly sick. Very impressive Daniel. The rower does sometimes 'walk' a little when you hit the catch really hard. Strong work.


wrote …

i warm up with a 500m row most days. i can tell how the wod is going to go by how sluggish i feel (or not) on the rower. it would be interesting to add a max wattage before to see if it there is a correlation as suggested above. so much fun with crossfit and stats!

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