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May 16, 2009

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Chastity Slone trains at Practice CrossFit with Josh Bunch. She is a professional Figure competitor who started by incorporating CrossFit into her figure training this year, and is now training exclusively CrossFit.

Chastity has been in several videos, planning her diet, competing against some top Games competitors, and training the clean.

In this video by Again Faster, Chastity talks about her training, and the Arnold competition. She describes her history as a bodybuilder and how she came to CrossFit.

She will be competing at the 2009 Midwest Regional Qualifier for a spot in the 2009 CrossFit Games.

Two Parts.

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Part 1:
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10 Comments on “Chastity Slone and the Arnold”


wrote …

Amen and God bless.


Ned Ferguson wrote …

Those burpees look good to me. Another Amen.


wrote …

Amen Sister! No regrets when it is time to go HOME!


Daniel Andrews wrote …

Way to take care of first things first Chastity and represent Him!


John Sachs wrote …

Is that supposed to say she "is NOW training exclusively CrossFit"?


replied to comment from John Sachs


Yes Chas is training just CF...... she hasn't done a BB movement in quite some time.......the look it has impossed on her I would describe as real musculature, as opposed to show muscles...all show and no go.... she hasn't lost anything in the key areas when she needs to go back to a figure comp, and she puts in less time as a whole. We currently train many other athlets in this fashion for physique shows, and it gets proven time and time again.. Applied correctly CrossFit does whatever u want it too...jb


replied to comment from John Sachs

Haha. Yes, John. Sorry. My typo. Fixed now.


wrote …

It's hard to describe in words what a quality individual Chas is. Her work ethic, drive, and determination are mind boggling. She has this amazing yet quiet confidence and strength about her that makes you want to train that much harder when working out next to her. Her character and values are never compromised, and I'm so glad people get to see a small glimpse of this on the video. She looked absolutely stunning at the Arnold, and I can't wait to see what she can do at the games... certainly a force to be reckoned with!


wrote …

Great testimony, Chastity. Way to give credit where credit is due. Keep up the great work and keep inspiring us. Soli Deo Gloria!


wrote …

You are a true inspiration sister, in your faith and your athleticism, thanks for sharing.

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