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Lunchtime Snatching Session by Mike Burgener - CrossFit Journal

Lunchtime Snatching Session

By Mike Burgener

In Olympic Lifts, Videos

May 28, 2009

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Coach Mike Burgener conducted a session on the snatch on March 7, 2009 during the lunch break of an Olympic certification seminar at CrossFit Old Town in Alexandria, Va. It was also something of a family affair. Mike's daughter, Sage, appears in the video along with Grady Mac and E.C.Synkowski.

In this video by CrossFit Again Faster, Coach Burgener advised staying over the bar and watching the hips. “The speed will take care of itself,” he said. He also discussed making lifts through turnover and generating outstanding power.

Coach Burgener said it’s best to go up a little at a time, not in leaps and bounds. He emphasized the importance of forming patterns and staying within already established parameters. He said lifters will never go up in weight until they’ve mastered the pattern.

13min 27sec

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21 Comments on “Lunchtime Snatching Session”


Cody Limbaugh wrote …

Can never get enough Coach B. Thank you!


wrote …

Does anyone know what aspect of EC's feet Coach Burgener was having her work on in this video? There are numerous references to it, but I couldn't find a definitive statement of the problem and what she needed to focus on to correct it.

And what Cody Limbaugh said.


wrote …

Holy moly, I haven't seen anything from Sage in forever. She's all grown up!!


wrote …

Fires my ass right up!


wrote …

Everyone in that video rocks.......but EC truly rocks!

EC, can't wait to get you back out on the road once you are done doing your thing.


EC S wrote …

Craig - I wasn't moving my feet. That is, my feet were in the same place for pulling/receiving. Not sure where that habit came from - but about 2 reps into warming up, Coach B says "why aren't you moving your feet"?

Pat - Thank you, brother - you are the best!


Karl Eagleman wrote …

Man, I could watch videos like this all day long.


wrote …

Man I love watching him coach...


Gerald Hill wrote …

One of the biggest coaching takeaways from this cert with Coach B: "Fix one thing at a time".
I now use this daily and what a difference!

These "in action" coaching videos are the best!


wrote …

Just for sheer inspirational value, this video is unexcelled. I can't even put into words how much I admire every athlete and coach in that workout. Need to spend more time working on my snatch.


wrote …

Question from someone with more experience watching oly vids than doing oly movements:

Why do you 'ride it down'? It looks like it would be easier not going down. I know we don't lift weights because its easy, but we refine movements for efficiency. Is going down to the bottom more efficient, or is it 'harder' and thus more beneficial? Does it have something to do with safety or competition requirements? Do you need the bottom for when the weight goes up?


wrote …


Someone may be able to give you a more complete answer but I would say that you 'ride it down' on the light weights because you will need to catch the bar at the bottom for the heavy weights.

riding it down allows you to develop the range of motion and power required to do you max snatch. A max snatch will require a full squat.


wrote …

I'm with Karl on this. These videos are worth their weight in gold.

One of the best things about Crossfit videos is that it's not your stereotypical offensive lineman throwing the weights about like they're nothing: it's the girls!

It's very humbling. Gotta train harder guys........!


replied to comment from Scott Bolan

Thanks Scott.

I see what you mean. In the vid, it looks like receiving the weight high is a light weight phenomenon.


EC S wrote …

About "riding the weight" down....

Yes and no on its a "light weight phenomenon". Where you catch the bar is an interplay between the force you apply to the ground and the weight of the barbell. To be honest, we would never do a full squat if we didn't have to. Why? It's just more work to squat it. Pull it to your neck if you can. However, for most ppl the greatest load will be lifted with a full squat.

That being said, riding it down for the snatch does two things: 1) help grease the groove for receiving at greater depth once the load is heavy, but perhaps more importantly - 2) there is some stabilization that occurs during receiving and riding down, helping make the lift successful.

Make any sense?


wrote …

After watching this several times, I finally called my daughters (5 and 8 years old) in to watch EC and Sage. I want them both to know that "adoptable" and powerful is the way to be. They loved it and were so fired up that "girls" can do that.

Keep bringing the heat.


wrote …

As if I wasn't already excited about the Oly cert in 2 weeks... I can't get enough of your vids, Coach B, and I can't wait to learn more in person.

... now where is that broomstick?


wrote …

Gotta luv Gunzell "Latzilla" Washington! When should I come to Montana?


replied to comment from EC S

Thank-you EC.

Don't you hate questions like that?
You know there is no answer except "Because I'm doing it wrong?"


Cody Limbaugh wrote …

Thank you EC for the input. It's cool when people who were actually there comment on the video.
I love to see already strong athletes improving and recieving coaching. You inspire! Thanks so much!


wrote …

Great and inspiring video.

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