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May 02, 2009

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Jordan Gravatt is a co-owner of CrossFit By Overload with his wife. He also produces videos for HQ and the main site. Jordan talked about his background and some of what he tries to accomplish when he sets out to produce a video. He talked about the importance of music on his videos and the process that he goes through to choose just the right piece for the video. Jordan commented on types of equipment needed in order for someone to start producing videos, whether it is for themselves, their affiliate, or hoping to have it shown on the main site. He also spoke about what it was like to attend the SoCal Qualifiers and document the emotion and intensity displayed.

Maggie Dabe-Colby is one of the traveling HQ trainers. She is one of the head trainers for CrossFit Fairfax and just placed third at the Mid Atlantic Qualifier. Maggie spoke about the qualifier and her performance. She talked about training with the likes of Jeff Tincher and also explained his programming. Maggie broke down her training and diet and described what weaknesses she is planning to work on in order to win the CrossFit Games. Maggie also talked about her coaching style and how she tries to motivate athletes to give just a little more.

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