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May 20, 2009

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Dave Tate of EliteFTS came to CrossFit San Diego for a private seminar on January 24, 2009. Dave was a successful competitive powerlifter for over two decades. He trained with Louie Simmons at Westside Barbell Club. His best back squat was 930lbs, bench 610lbs, and deadlift 740lbs. Tate is a powerlifting specialist, and he doesn’t claim to be anything else.

Dave calls any weakness (in training or in life) a sticking point. All sticking points are mental, physical, or technique based. This video focuses on mental sticking points.

The mental issues are the easiest to understand but the hardest to actually change. What is your mental game? How do you deal with obstacles? How do you deal with criticism? People think they're being positive, but if you're not successful already, you can't really be positive.

The best solution, Dave says, is to stay focused and get your job done. If your busy being successful, who has time to worry about what others say about you? You’re too busy to be a troll, and you’re too busy to pay attention to trolls. Success is the best revenge.

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14 Comments on “Dave Tate Sticking Points 1 Mental”


wrote …

Dave's unique insight and style make a wonderful contribution to the community.


Brian White wrote …

I really like Dave Tate. He calls them like he sees them. I am looking forward to his other pieces. There is a good article with Dave Tate on T-Nation / T-Muscle regarding the bench press.


wrote …

I freakin love this guy. He is so on point.


Herm Blancaflor wrote …

Dave, that was a great video clip. I can hardly wait to meet you!


wrote …

I needed this video today, thank you CrossFit!


wrote …

Eloquent man indeed is Dave Tate!


wrote …

His presentation was awesome. Like he said, this not only relates to training. I am tempted to show this at my work!


wrote …

This piont in my life
that was realest thing i ever heard!!!


wrote …

i mean point hahahaha


wrote …

I'd take the time to criticize him, but he wouldn't read it cuz he's too busy puttin' that Lego together. hahahaha


wrote …

That was 7 minutes of PURE GOLD! Thanks Dave. That's good advice for any aspect of life. Wish I had that advice five years ago when I was in grad school, but I'm using that approach now to move forward!


wrote …

That was pretty good. I think it's Hasbro that makes Transformers. :-)


wrote …

I can 2nd the motion, reiterate what this guy has to say, and I mean it from my own experiences. Just get out there and do 'something', just do anything that matters to you! Get too busy to worry about failing or not getting it done right. Make your mistakes, take criticism and advice with a grain of salt, regroup and move forward. There are no problems in life, only opportunities. That's all I've got to say about that...Thanks Dave Tate



wrote …

I think I need to play this for everyone at my office. It's great life advice, not just for training. Thanks Dave.

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