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Muscling Through It by Dave Whitty, DC - CrossFit Journal

Muscling Through It

By Dave Whitty, DC

In Coaching, CrossFit

May 01, 2009

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Affiliate owner Dr. Dave Whitty tackled the Level 2 Certification three times—and finally passed it. Now he wants to help you prepare.

Passing the Level 2 Certification is a lot like learning a muscle-up—you’ve tried without success, but now you’re determined to succeed.

When you were learning the muscle-up, you read, studied videos on, asked your trainer at the gym for tips, watched your fellow CrossFitters, and picked their brains. Then you practised and practised and practised. Your wrists were so raw that your spouse and co-workers were worried that you had a self-mutilation problem.

So what did you do? You kept working on it, and eventually you knocked it out of the park.

Most folks have heard how hard the test is and how the pass rate is very low on the first attempt. So why and how do you prepare? Well, all I can tell you is that I looked at Level 2 just like I did muscle-ups: just keep working at it.

I went in with a lot of confidence, having never failed at anything. I thought I was prepared. As a chiropractor, I look at movement all the time. I understand biomechanics and have been accustomed to assessing movement through video analysis of running and golf swings. I’d been a personal trainer while in university, taught swimming and skiing, and lectured to large and small groups including trainers. I thought I knew my stuff.

Well, I was surprised again. My body felt just like it did after my first workout with a CrossFit trainer. I learned the hard way what it would take to get to the next level.

The article also contains the Good Doctor’s Advice (11 tips for succeeding), and a sidebar interview with Nicole Carroll with her suggestions from HQ.

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12 Comments on “Muscling Through It”


wrote …

Great article, sound advice and I really appreciate the ideas on how to approach the L2 cert. Hope to get mine by either the end of '09 or at the beginning of 2010.


wrote …

Great article Coach! We're a lucky bunch at CF PEI.


wrote …

Great advice and coaching as usual Dave. Thanks for the glimer inside the "big you".

Joey said it best..we are a lucky bunch at CFPEI to have your passion and energy in the gym everyday, especially now as you train the us newly certified newbies to train newbies.

Pay it forward.


wrote …

Great article. I could feel the Docs frustration and determination through out the article. It has motivated me to get ready for level 2.

Great article - Thanks Dave


wrote …

Great article, David. You worked hard, took debrief points well, and succeeded. Congratulations!


wrote …

Great article. Couldn't have had better timing. I have 6 weeks left to prep for Montclair.

It's funny. I remember, when asked which coach I'd choose to learn from again when I was one of those day 2 test subjects in Boston, saying that Dave stood out.


wrote …

Great Article. Nicole put it very well at our Level 2 Cert: there are some points that you will be able to "game" during your evaluation, (presence and attitude, command) but the one thing that can't absolutely be gamed is "seeing and correcting." The standards are absolute, and HQ is unrelenting and consistent in the application of the standard. 1 out of 13 passed when we went through. I can't wait to go back, having taken the debrief to heart, and applying the coaching points given to me by Todd and NIcole: Focus on Group Elements, hone your ability to see multiple lines of action at once, and have a grab bag of effective verbal and tactile cues available for every fault. Watch as many videos of good form vs. bad, and in Todd's Words, "BRING IT!"


wrote …

Having started CrossFit PEI with Dave, I can attest to his ability as an instructor and how lucky we are to have him here. Dave is great to push us out of the nest and get us teaching.

He gives great feedback which is really going to help me when I go for my Level II. Thanks for all your help Dave.


wrote …

Great job Dave!


wrote …

I was not able to download a there a way to get my hands on it...thanks
Love the pieces on the Level 2, as I am getting ready for it...


Kevin Wood wrote …

Thanks for the advice Dave. I knew you nailed it in Boston! You helped me with my overhead squat and it it well.

Can't wait for the L2 cert in October.


wrote …

Does someone have this journal saved on their hard drive? I'm going for my L2 this week and would love to read his points, but the PDF will not download.

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