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The Boz & Todd Experience — Episode 3 Part 1 by Adrian Bozman - CrossFit Journal

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May 09, 2009

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This is the first part of Episode 3 of the Boz and Todd Experience. This session took place at Black and Gold CrossFit in West Point, NY on April 25th and 26th, 2009.

In this episode, Boz coaches Ashley on her pullups. Ashley is a multisport athlete, competing in Olympic-style weightlifting, track (heptathlon), and rugby for the US Military Academy at West Point. Her best lifts are about 155lbs in the snatch and about 200lbs in the clean and jerk. She is a strong, all around athlete.

Her self-proclaimed weakness is pull-ups. She only has a few, explaining that the weightlifters were not allowed to train their upper bodies for fear of becoming inflexible. Boz takes her through a multitude of drills that can be practiced to develop stronger pull-ups.

11min 35sec

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12 Comments on “The Boz & Todd Experience — Episode 3 Part 1”


wrote …

I like that ladder approach. Great points on overdoing it too.
I am always amazed at how often people shorten the arm extension. At my gym we have found that unless we break that habit it leads to some serious elbow issues down the road.


wrote …

Big fan of the Boz & Todd Experience. Another great example of how to coach and train.

I have one burning question though..... Is that hathead or bedhead going on with Boz's do? I'm thinking bedhead. Those cadets wake up way early in the morning.


wrote …

The ladder is cool, I've never seen that, going to start using it Monday for myself.

Definitely bedhead, shamelessly displayed I might add.


wrote …

Great points about proper dead hang and the risks of negatives.

I can speak from experience as to the effectiveness of the ladder method and the use of bands. Both of those used in conjuction with each other brought me from 12 to 20+ pullups in a couple of months. Those months were at boot camp, but hey, it works nonetheless.

And bedhead yes.


wrote …

awesome oly lift numbers!


wrote …

Great Video!!! could you guys put together an instructional video that shows the progression from regular pull ups or kipping pull ups to chest to bar pull ups. I am really stuck on the chest to bar pull ups and having a hard time getting the movements.


wrote …

Would ladders be a good tool for developing all kinds of body weight exercises? I am preparing for the FBI PFT. Would ladders work for push ups and sit ups as well?


replied to comment from David Luu

I'm pretty much a newbie, but my 2cents...

I think the reason ladders are good for pullups is that they're quite intense, and even 5 pullups is beyond most people, and extra capacity takes a while to build up.

In contract, 20 pushups or situps is doable for most people very quickly, and capacity can build quite fast. A ladder to 20 pushups would be 20x21/2 = 210 pushups, and possibly 20 minutes.

I'd be more inclined to try Tabatas (a fixed load for 8x30second intervals) for pushups or situps. 4 minutes of work is more efficient use of time IMO.

More experienced people than me will probably know better.


Glenn Siegrist wrote …

Another top shelf video clip. Hurrump Hurrump.....


wrote …

What's up with the serious bedhead? Did they surprise you with a video shoot? Ha. She is a well-rounded athlete, huh?


wrote …

I found this video to be exactly what I needed to make positive strides towards accomplishing pull-ups when I thought it would take months of hard effort to get to do 1 pull-up. It addressed all the concerns and answered the questions I had. Good stuff!


wrote …

FYI - it's pronounced "Mikey" field, not "Mitchie" (John's wife piping up again)

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