The Boz & Todd Experience — Episode 3 Part 3

By Adrian Bozman & Todd Widman

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May 29, 2009

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This is third part of episode 3 of the Boz and Todd experience. It took place at the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York when Boz and Todd visited for a certification seminar on April 25-26, 2009.

When they graduate, the cadets seen in this video will become second lieutenants in the US army. But first they had to get past Boz and Todd. And that wasn't easy.

It all had to do with a giant staircase Boz and Todd saw in a "humongous building" at West Point.

Boz and Todd got out of breath just walking up the stairs. So they decided to do the only logical thing possible: make the cadets run up the stairs. And that was just for starters. Then the cadets did pushups, ran up some more stairs, did some more pushups, ran up some more stairs and did some more pushups. And that was only half of the first round.

Boz and Todd called it a quick and dirty workout that would take 2 or 3 minutes.

“Two or three minutes, my ass!” said one cadet at the end of the workout.

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wrote …

Hail Alma Mater Dear (this is John's wife writing) - nice new facility. Not to date myself, but they were buiding that puppy when I graduated. Great to see cadets are still getting top-notch facilities.

A great "sport-specific" WOD would be bottom floor Thayer, top floor Washington run. Gets you ready for that inevitable class scheduling snafu. Don't know if DPE still has Aerobic Fitness as a class, but they also had the great idea for a Hudson River to Stoney Lonesome run. For time. F-U-N. Hope they haven't gotten rid of the IOCT. That thing should be a national treasure.

I hope those guys carry the CF torch into the Army.



wrote …

New athletic facility! The Corps Has!! LOL, wanted to say that for a long time. ;)

Not to date myself, but that building was just a gleam in DPE's eye when I graduated in '88. Is the old gym still standing? Where did they build the new one? Did they find a way to pipe the century old air from the old one into the new one so the cadets can still get the OC hack?


wrote …

Go Navy.


wrote …

Running stairs and pushups, that's incredible.


wrote …

So... Anyone know whats up with those scratches on the walls?


wrote …

It's your standard markings from handstand pushups.


wrote …

I took advantage of having the office to myself this weekend and replicated this workout. The cadet at the end who said that push-ups are easy until you're winded was dead on... one heck of a WOD.

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