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May 04, 2009

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Coach Mike Burgener of Mike’s Gym popped in to CrossFit Santa Cruz on April 1st, 2009 for a couple Oly-lifting instructional sessions.

In this first video of this series from CrossFit by Overload, Coach B talks a little about the lifts and why we train them. Then, the two athletes are introduced. They are 2008 CrossFit Games champ Jason Khalipa from CrossFit Santa Clara and NorCal Regional Qualifiers winner Jocelyn Forest from CrossFit West Santa Cruz (though this video was filmed before the event).

Burg points out that both athletes are very strong, which can sometimes be a curse when it comes to the Olympic lifts. Strength is important, but not nearly as important as speed-strength. He takes them through the Burgener Warmup and explains what he sees happening.

Coming soon are more videos of their full session (in which both athletes set PRs in the snatch).

9min 15sec

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15 Comments on “The Burgener Files: 1 - The Warmup”


wrote …

Was it St. Patty's day?


wrote …



wrote …

I love watching Coach Burg instruct. Every time I watch I learn and my lifts become better. Great video, can't wait to see the rest...


wrote …

Coach B is the bomb!

I truly love the fact that crossfit opened my eyes to the world of olympic weightlifting

before i didn't even know it exsisted!!


wrote …

Just plain damn good coaching. Second to that tingling feeling we get when we trainers see great movement, watching great coaching at work is food for the soul...


wrote …

Slowly, slowly I have to accept tha fact, that I'm not longer able to read anything else but the Journal :) There is much to read, see and listen !


wrote …

Coach Burgener was amazing. The most effective thing about him (besides his mastery of the olympic lift alone) to me is his ability to articulate exactly what he wants you to achieve in a specific movement without stacking too much information in you brain. I am a firm believer that it reallly takes great coaching to bring an athlete to the next level. No one (at least not many) can really reach their full potential on thier own. Thanks Coach B!


wrote …

Great instructional piece as always. I would love to see Coach Burgener correct someone with a poor overhead squat. The overhead squat seems to be very difficult for many even though the same folks can squat heavy.



Jason Khalipa wrote …

I completely agree with you Jocelyn, Coach B is the man. Thank you for the time you spent with us, the knowledge I learned is extremely valuable and I would recommend anyone if they can to go learn from the best.

Thank you again!


wrote …

Jason how did u become so flexible????


wrote …

This video is great - it's a good reminder of things I learned in Coach B's cert and helps remind me of what I need to work on. I agree with Jocelyn that Coach B feeds you the right amount of information to work on at a time. That's not easy to do, and it's the mark of a great coach!

Coach B's cert is AWESOME - if you ever get a chance to go, GO! You will be glad you did and kick yourself for not going sooner. I learned SO much at his cert that I could take home and put into immediate use! Coach B is the bomb!


wrote …

Great video, hope to see many more with his awesome coaching (and very helpful to those of us with no access to coaching). Hopefully one day I can attend a weekend cert, that would be awesome.


Jason Khalipa wrote …


I try and stretch often, in addition I practice all of the movements of Crossfit, especially those that I suck at. This gives me pretty good well-rounded flexibility. Many times people with bad shoulder flexibility completely neglect the overhead squat; I take the opposite approach and work that movement as much as I can until I can do it well.


wrote …

As a high school coach I would also like to see how to coach an athlete with a poor overhead squat. I see it all the time, especially in distance runners and basketball players.


wrote …

I love this stuff w Coach B, they just get better, can't wait for the next dose w Jason and Jocelyn. Paul

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