The Kettlebell Swing

By Jeff Martone

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May 12, 2009

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Recently GSX Athletics hosted Jeff Martone Kettlebell specialist for a two day seminar. The crew from Again Faster was there to catch some of the action.

In this video, Jeff explains the proper Kettlebell swing, along with some good progressions for developing it. He shows multiple tips and tricks for getting clients to move properly.

He says, “When in doubt, go hands on, but do it appropriately.” For example, when encouraging a client to engage the glutes at the top of the swing, a little contact on the glute itself can do more than any verbal cue. It’s probably a good idea, he suggests, to use a closed hand when working with members of the opposite sex.

At the end of the video, Jeff demonstrates some advanced Kettlebell juggling, including with his eyes closed.

10min 53sec

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13 Comments on “The Kettlebell Swing”


wrote …

Awesome! He's the Buddy Lee of Kettle Bells!


James Beaumont wrote …

Anyone who is using a kettlebell for CrossFit WODs needs to attend one of Jeff's seminars or work with someone who has. Period.

I attended a Feb. workshop and it was well worth the time and money spent. Can't wait for the Level II Kettlebell Instructor course.


wrote …

Fantastic video. Nice job, Casey!


wrote …

Very impressive demonstration at the end of the seminar!


wrote …

What weight KB is he using for that last demo?


Chris Worden wrote …

Jeff is a funny guy, I would really like to take a cert from him. Looks like he keeps things fun and interesting.

That last demo was amazing.

I love his sound effects too! :-)


wrote …

Nice video and instruction, the stuff at the end was sweet!!!


wrote …

At my KB cert Martone used me for his turkish getup demo when using a person.



wrote …

That was great! Very helpful basics and seeing it on video was enlightening. Really interesting content on the journal. Keep it coming!


wrote …

Great stuff. Seeing it demonstrated answers so many more questions than just reading an article.

here's a question, can anyone enlighten me on the benefits of the American swing as opposed to the Russian swing? it seems to me like it's just a stronger hip drive. is there any other reason that we favor that particular swing for crossfit workouts?




wrote …

Great question, James. I'm told that the swing should be all hip drive and no arms...arms are just to hold the bell. However, if I really discipline myself to use only hip drive on the KB swing, I can't get it any higher than the classic Russian height. On the American swing, I always use some shoulder/arm help...can't get it that high without arm help.


wrote …



wrote …

Final Line: You just can't get bored with a kettlebell.


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