To Serve, Protect—and Sweat

By Mike Morris and John Burrow

In Equipment

May 21, 2009

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Mike Morris and John Burrow are firefighters in Washington state.

We discovered CrossFit just over three years ago and quickly recognized the CrossFit prescription of fitness would increase our effectiveness as firefighters and improve our health. Now over 50 percent of our 50-member department participates at work or through a local affiliate

As our fitness and awareness of CrossFit increased, we wanted to combine the charitable work of the Northshore Fire Foundation with our new passion. Last year we decided to merge our love of CrossFit with our desire to raise money for the Northwest Burn Foundation, raising awareness about CrossFit in the process. In August 2008, our Firefighter/Police CrossFit Challenge came to fruition. Over 50 people from the local area participated, with numerous others watching.

The event was a big hit, and CrossFit has grown immensely because of the exposure. Within two weeks of our inaugural competition, three of us began talking about opening an affiliate. Within three months we had keys to an 1,800 square-foot box that became the home of Kirkland CrossFit

Our goal of raising the awareness of CrossFit and raising money for the NW Burn Foundation has significantly affected our community. Local area firefighters and police officers are visibly fitter, and we believe lives will be saved because of commitments made by civil servants to improve their lives through CrossFit. We’ve seen the results in action with our own colleagues.

People are already talking about Kirkland CrossFit’s 2nd Annual Firefighter/Police CrossFit Challenge scheduled for August 8th, 2009.



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Jeff Vale wrote …

Awesome article guys. You three have done great things around here for the community and CF. Thank you for that. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see you all in August if not before.



wrote …

Kirkland CrossFit rocks! I've been working out with these great guys, Mike, John and Jerimiah since the beginning of March 2009 and the results already have been awesome. As a local Police Officer, I know that our job as public servants is greatly enhanced by being as fit as possible for ourselves and those we serve. The atmosphere at Kirkland CrossFit is very much like a big family with everyone giving 110% in the workouts and the encourgement from the trainers as well as the other members pushing me far beyond what I would ever do on my own. Misery loves company and it's seems crazy that this kind of effort and dedication can be so addicting! My wife and I been doing the Paleo Diet with Mike, John and Jerimiah and they've been a great resource and support along the way. Unfortunately I'll be out of town for the Police/Fire event in August, but it'll give me another year of practice for the next one! Thanks guys for all you do.



replied to comment from Jim Rodgers

Thanks for the kind words Jim. We're only as good as our members and I agree we are rockin'! See you soon!



wrote …

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