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June 02, 2009

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Episode 64 of CrossFit Radio was broadcast at 6:00 p.m. PDT on May 1, 2009.

05:56 Terry Laughlin is an expert swimming coach best known for his “Total Immersion” program, which does for swimming what POSE does for running. Terry talked about why he is such a big believer in CrossFit. He discussed why midline stabilization is so important for swimmers, along with squats and deadlifts.

30:43 Craig Patterson is the owner of CrossFit Vancouver, today one of the most successful affiliates. But it wasn’t always smooth sailing. Craig was the fifth affiliate. At first, he had so little idea what he was doing that he almost went bankrupt. He discussed the school for affiliates he’s establishing and some of the obstacles he had to overcome along the way

51:47 David Leys was one of the faces in many of the early CrossFit videos. He discussed his non-profit organization Awaken Humanity.

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wrote …

This is really Crossfit Radio Episode 65, not 64. Just saying.

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