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June 06, 2009

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CrossFit Radio, episode 70, aired live on June 3, 2009 at 6:00 pm PDT.

03:23 Stacey Kroon is a trainer at CrossFit Boston who recently won the Northeast Regional Qualifier for the CrossFit Games. Stacey commented on the article that Patrick Cummings wrote after he watched her performance through the viewfinder of his Again Faster video camera. Stacey discussed her mental preparation and the pressure she faced because she led the competition throughout the weekend. Stacey explained how her background in gymnastics and other sports contributed to her development as a CrossFit athlete. The interview concluded with a dietary confession: Stacey loves to bake.

20:24 The Insider Report corrected a slight error in last week’s account of just how brutal the trainer workout was at a recent meeting. Listeners were also to directed to The Affiliate Blog for a listing of summer events, including The CrossFit Ontario Challenge on July l8 in Toronto, Canada.

23:28 In an excerpt from an upcoming video, Kelly Starrett says that athletes with acute injuries need to get their butts back into the gym quickly. In most case, workouts should be modified rather than abandoned. Starrett is the owner of CrossFit San Francisco and a doctor of physiotherapy.

25:29 The program concluded with a discussion of a free workout tracking application called No Scrolls

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7 Comments on “CrossFit Radio Episode 70 090603”


wrote …

Great show, JJ!

Is Neil not coming back? I was surprised to hear him in the last show, when you had said earlier that he had to leave due to professional obligations or something.

Awesome to see so much new software evolving around CrossFit. That's what I like - using technology to HELP, not to do the work FOR you.


Brian White wrote …

Tell us more about Neil. It sounds like his isnt part of the CF community anymore.
BTW, I love CFR.


wrote …

I've been using for a while now (MB is a friend of mine) and it really is a superior product for accurately recording the work you've done. If you're doing the main site WOD it's right there, and with a little self-education it's easy to concoct and input any WOD at all.


wrote …

Great show, Justin.


wrote …


I was listening to the show this weekend and I heard you say your a big time mountain biker. I am looking at buying my first bike and I was wondering if you could give me some tips. I have narrowed my search down to 3 particular bikes for under $500. I plan on doing a combination of street and trails. I would appreciated any feedback.

1) Gary Fisher Tarpon
2) Trek 3900
3) Specialized Hybrid




Chris Worden wrote …


I'm an editor for a mountain bike website and I'd say go with the Trek. Honestly the Gary Fisher and Trek are pretty similar in components, but I find the Trek line to be a bit more reliable. I'd say stay away from the Specialized if you're interested in doing any off-road.

Your best bet though, may be a Specialized Hardrock Disc. They are under the $500 mark and have good components, reliable/stiff frames, etc.

Go that route if you can get your hands on one.



wrote …

Great job Justin.

Shame to hear about Neil's absence, if you speak to him, please pass on my thanks for the great job he's done with the show. I hope that he'll be back one day...Cheers from Down-Under

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