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June 19, 2009

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Episode 72 of CrossFit Radio aired live at 6:00 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, June 17, 2009.

01:21 The program began with host Justin Judkins interviewing teenage CrossFit phenom Kallista Pappas. Justin is a high school wrestling coach and said he wished his wrestlers had half of Kallista’s heart. Kallista is only 15 years old and has just qualified for her third consecutive CrossFit Games by submitting a video in the Last Chance Qualifier. Kallista is best known for her gutsy performance at last year's Games where she fell and dropped the weight on herself while performing 30 clean and jerks of near body weight. Kallista went on to complete the workout. Kallista talked about how she has attained elite fitness at such a young age and why CrossFit nation inspires her.

26:22 Justin played a clip from an upcoming CrossFit Journal video featuring the food diary of Josh Everett, a top CrossFit Games competitor. Josh discussed his extensive use of legal supplements.

30:37 The program concluded with the story of one man’s journey from bodybuilding to CrossFit. Chris Saliba was a physical training instructor for the Australian Air Force when he first discovered CrossFit. He confessed to being a slow learner. But it ended well. Today Chris is the owner of Coastal CrossFit Queensland.

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wrote …

Good morning all,

THe MP3 link dosent seem to be working this morning, not sure if you were aware. Keep up the great work on the Journal!


wrote …

Once again Justin, great work. Props to Chris from a fellow Aussie Xfitter :). Well spoken mate!

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