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June 25, 2009

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Episode 73 of CrossFit Radio aired live at 6:00 p.m. PDT on June 24th, 2009.

02:05 The program began with a wide-ranging discussion about the use of performance enhancing drugs in sports. Josh Everett, who twice finished in the top three at the CrossFit Games, expressed his support for the recent announcement that all athletes at the Games will be tested for steroids. Josh also discussed his own use of legal supplements. Josh is a college strength and conditioning coach who said he regularly talked with his athletes about the character and integrity issues raised by illegal drug use. Josh also outlined NCAA testing policies and procedures. Finally, Josh talked about his preparations for the Games and disclosed that double-unders are not his strong point. Stressing that he has no inside information, Josh speculated that this year’s Games might include some long-duration events.

23:46 An excerpt from an upcoming CrossFit Journal video featured Jon Gilson of Again Faster making the transition from rowing in the Concept2 erg to rowing on the water.

26:36 Dave Tate, a champion powerlifter, told the surprising behind-the-scenes story of how he came to be associated with CrossFit. He discussed the max effort method and common mistakes made by beginning lifters.

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wrote …

I like listening to Josh and believe he a fantastic athlete. I do disagree with his comment that it doesn't matter if the 75th place finisher in the games tests positive for performance enhancing susbtances.

I think it does matter. The person that places 75th had to qualify and if they were using illegal substances they took a spot from someone that was competing legally. I don't think that was the message Josh wanted to send and pretty sure he is against all use of illegal sustances.

This testing it is expensive and I hope the possibility of testing will deter most from using these substances. There will be those few that will try.

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